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Jalopnik has a new show exploring interesting builds and project cars

Jeff Glucker September 14, 2018 Hoonivercinema 4 Comments

Stef Shrader is jumping onto the Jalopnik YouTube channel to bring her Build of the Week column into the video realm. First up for the series? A Delorean that’s been modified to fit a pair of rear seats.

The owner wanted to bring his kids along on his DMC adventures, so he modified his Delorean with a completely different rear-end setup. This allowed him to remove the parcel shelf space that is normally behind the front seats of a Delorean. Once that was gone, he could create rear seats with proper belts and he now has a ride he loves and shares with his family.

  • Zentropy

    So now you can load it up with more people and go EVEN SLOWER? These cars could barely get out of their own way with a single driver on board.
    I admire the guy for his passion, though.

    • crank_case

      Even if you used a standard Alpine non Turbo engine you’re already up 20BHP plus you’ve a more compact, lighter rear suspension/drivetrain assembly that offers a superior double wishbone suspension setup over the standard trailing arm.

      I know hindsight is a great thing but it makes you wonder why the car wasn’t setup that way in the first place. Would have had even more appeal as a 2+2.

  • mrh1965

    remarkable engineering project

  • I like it, but then again I like DeLoreans.