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Project Car SOTU: MR2 “Someday Race Car”

Ross Ballot September 11, 2018 Featured, Project Car SOTU, Project Cars 3 Comments

Huh. Funny, isn’t it, how Project Car SOTU sneaks up on you year after year, and you’re left questioning both how much effort you wish you had already devoted to a project and how quickly time passes without you realizing it.

So here I am, again, a year after an already disappointing not-an-update update, writing about the progress that hasn’t been made on the Someday Race Car.

But…wait…can it be true? Has progress been made? Perhaps something resembling it. Not necessarily on the car, but on some of the logistics needed to line up to make the actualization of our dreams happen. Hit the jump for the “update.”

Ever since we picked it up and drove it back from New Jersey, Project MR2 has been sitting stagnant, quietly and calmly but probably feverishly waiting for some kind of progress to be made towards its ultimate life as a weekend track/rally toy. I look at the car from time to time, think about it just about as much, but, alas, no true progress has been made since the day we parked it, shut it down, and walked away. No real progress, that is…until recently. It’s not “project” progress per se, but we did make a stride in the logistics required to make progress towards getting it running.

With MR2.1 and MR2.2 having been in different places for years, that first had to change in order for us to get started. So when it was time for the the rotting, crumbling carcass of MR2.2 to go to the great junkyard in the sky, it lined up so that we could get the motor, the lone survivor of rot and rust, to its temporary resting ground alongside MR2.1, in hopes that sometime soon we can mate the two.

And so, Project MR2 underwent the most progress it had seen since the day we brought it home. Hopefully sometime soon– when our schedules finally do align– we actually get started on the desperate thing, and get going towards making it the race car it so desperately deserves to be.

  • outback_ute

    Sounds about the same as my progress – getting rid of stuff

  • Alff

    Suddenly realizing that my driveway is home to a couple of days worth of original content

  • Collecting dust is a sure sign of “feverishly waiting” I think… good luck!