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Hooniverse Asks: What’s the largest vehicle you’ve driven?

Jeff Glucker September 11, 2018 Hooniverse Asks 42 Comments


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New personal record. Largest vehicle I’ve ever driven… The 80′ Mauretania motor yacht, built in 1947 (We did maybe five knots through the harbor but they did let me knock out a u turn too)

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An 80-footer. That’s the largest vehicle I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving. It was a brief moment behind the wheel of a wooden motor yacht built in 1947. Puttering along at five knots isn’t much, but knocking out a u-turn in the middle of the marina was pretty awesome.

Now, adding vessels, boats, and ships into the mix might be cheating but I’m going to allow it today. And I guarantee someone out there has me beat… probably a number of you. Be it a naval ship or an Antonov airplane or Bagger 288.

So sound off below with the largest vehicle you’ve ever driven/piloted/controlled, etc.