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Last Call: Tokyo To Kansas Edition

Peter Tanshanomi September 10, 2018 Last Call 11 Comments

Yesterday afternoon, I spotted this JDM Nissan President in the local Costco parking lot. It would be a fairly notable sight anywhere in North America, but it is much more remarkable to find in Overland Park, Kansas than it would be in Los Angeles or Seattle. In fact, in over three decades, this is only the second right-hand-drive import I have spotted within the Kansas City metro area. Sure, its basically just an Infiniti Q45, but it is not just the rarity of this version that makes it cooler — the Infiniti version doesn’t have the killer lace window curtains.

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  • “…or Seattle.”

    I know a guy here with a Toyota Century but I haven’t yet seen a Nissan President. I wouldn’t bet against there being at least one running around town, though.

  • Fred

    My Aunt had curtains in her car. I made fun of them one time and I didn’t cookies for my birthday. I’m sorry Aunt Melba. I miss you.

    • Tank

      Just nothing but toast from here on out eh?

  • Fuhrman16

    I’m rather curious what the story of this car is.

  • Batshitbox

    I know I have a Steve McQueen level of hard assedness when it comes to trucks, but when I see a vehicle whose cargo bed is more than 60% behind the rear axle it really burns my socks. I have dubbed these creampuffs “Pickoupe”


    Of course, before I coin a term I like to google it, and ‘pickoupe’ returns this wikimedia commons image page as the second result!


    Further research discovered that not only is this one of many AMC Pacer pickoupes, but that BangShift has dedicated an article to what happens when you really want a Dodge Rampage but all you have is a Pacer.


    While ‘pickoupe’ could refer to any El Camino, Rampage, Brat, etc., all those vehicles are awesome in the awesomest ways, and ‘pickoupe’ is a dismissive, derogatory sounding portmanteau which I’m still going to reserve for those bob-tailed rolling easy chairs. Especially if it results in some poindexter correcting me about how many doors a coupe has. It’s a pickoupe, straighten your necktie and go fuck yourself.

    • Manic_King

      Add some rocks to Taco and you get handling like in old Porsche 911!

  • Sjalabais

    The baroque, angular seriousness of the President is really appealing to me. Then I look inside and see all the plebeiian Nissan-y switches and disappointment comes raining down on me.

    • I found that when I visited Nissan’s flagship dealer in Tokyo, the day before doing the same with Toyota. The thing is; even though the Century’s dash looked incredibly dated (‘timeless’, as Toyota would have it), and the switches looked and felt little different to those in a Camry — or a Yaris, for that matter, It suddenly occurred to me: The Yaris has remarkably good switches.

      The Century, and the President to a lesser extent, takes ‘adequacy’ to the extreme.

      • Sjalabais

        Taking adequacy to the extreme is a wacky but fitting slogan. I really like these cars with their wool fabrics and silent interiors. But they get better the older they are.

        Has your trip to Japan been chronicled here?

  • Gnomical

    She’s a sleeper. Shhhhh… Don’t let Donald find her… import(ant).