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Hooniverse Asks: What is your favorite low-buck upgrade?

Jeff Glucker September 10, 2018 Hooniverse Asks 19 Comments

It was maybe 40 bucks, but it made the truck feel all new to me. A Lokar throttle cable made the pedal feel smoother, allowed me full range of throttle travel, and basically opened up the carb to let it breathe a full four-barrel breath.

HoonTruck: A fresh throttle cable equals a brand new machine

There are other upgrades that are probably far less costly. I want to hear about them. What have you done to your cars, trucks, and bikes? What are your favorite low-dollar upgrades?

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  • 0A5599

    Flipping the air cleaner lid costs $0.00. Most newer cars aren’t this type, though.


    • Tank

      I did that on an old Sonoma I had, Then I realized it probably would make the filter go bad earlier than usual so I switched it back. That said, I hear I can take the top cover off of my Focus to expose the pod filter, and that will give me about the same effect

  • Sjalabais

    This must be a valid answer. Couldn’t fathom anything else.

  • Fred

    Seat upholstery. It can be done for cheap yourself, although I’d recommend having it done right. It’s like you updated all your suspension and just makes driving so much more comfortable.

  • Putting a trash bag non-permeable membrane behind the door card again was cheap, though not exactly an upgrade.
    Upgrade-wise, the cheapest BT/DAB radio in stock added a lot to general usability (no analog FM here anymore), and got rid of the millennial flipper game display that was installed there before.

    • Andrew

      What does the bag behind the door card do?

      • The inside of doors is never really dry, since there is air exchange and condensation, plus direct water ingress through the window “seals” (you can’t really seal rightly there, the windows shall still roll down).
        When doorcards were actual cardboard and/or fabric, the manufacturer-fitted plastic sheet protected the cardboard from rotting and disintegration.
        Now the doorcards are #1 victim when youthful people install moar hifi, and often the membrane is left damaged or removed, and I wondered why there was water ingress through the loudspeaker when I checked the car for the “regular” leaks (roof, rear hatch and such).
        My guess is that modern cars have the rear of the doorcards coated in something sturdy.

        • Sjalabais

          Taking off the “inner door” of classic cars in our climate is always gross. Most are mouldy or have been at one point in time. Plugging those plastic plugs back in later…impossible.

  • outback_ute

    For performance driving, a set of R compound tyres. Although they can become expensive by inspiring other upgrades…

    An ultra cheap ‘upgrade’ is giving the car a good clean and detail, to lift your mood when driving it.

    • Smaglik

      Totally on board with the latter. I cleaned the m3 inside and out over the weekend, and hit all the leather and vinyl and rubber with 303. It’s amazing the change in feel being inside that clean, moisturized cabin.

  • tonyola
    • Tank

      That seems incredibly sketchy

    • Vairship

      I don’t know…can it really beat Marvel Mystery Oil? that has the word Mystery right there in the name, so it must be better!

  • neight428

    It’s obviously a personal preference thing, but I have managed to acquire three cars with Flowmaster mufflers on them. On two of these, I swapped them out for Magnaflows and it’s like a redneckery exorcism on the car. On the third, my Trans Am, I have not yet taken that step as the redneckery almost seems appropriate and I have other priorities. I’ll get to it.

  • Rover 1

    New wiper blades, specially in rainy climates.

  • 10mm socket

    A really good clean. It’s amazing what a seats out, full clean, scrub, wash, clay, polish and detail will do for your ride! +10hp! Add new wiper blades, wiper fluid additive, an oil change and tune. Bliss!

  • Vairship

    Using the correct tire pressure.

    /Corvair owner

  • JayP

    My poor Mustang sits outside, under a tree.
    The only thing that digs thru the sap is 90% iso alcohol. I usually get it for a buck and makes it look way better… plus a wash and wax.

  • Silicone wipers. So much better.