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A mini Miura tribute car is almost more fascinating than the real thing

Jeff Glucker August 8, 2018 Cars You Should Know 3 Comments

This isn’t the car that inspired the Circuit Wolf manga. This isn’t the one-off Lamborghini Miura built by a mad man in Germany and then transported to Japan. This isn’t that special Miura that was recently restored by Lamborghini’s in-house restoration team. What it is, however, is something that you just might find to be a bit more interesting. This is a Suzuki Cara modified as a tribute machine paying homage to that amazing Miura.

Ken Saito, Jalopnik’s resident Car Nerd in Japan, got an up close look at this wonderful little machine. The Suzuki Cara, which is basically a badge-engineered Mazda Autozam AZ-1, is a gullwinged kei car that’s special in its own right. But this one has been transformed into something downright magical.

The owner clearly has lots of love for the special Lamborghini Miura Jota SVR. So much so, that he’s turned his Cara into a proper tribute machine. The color scheme matches, as does the spoiler on the roof. Inside, you’ll find Lamborghini belts and a steering wheel. Head back outside and check out the Bertone badges on the b-pillar. The details are excellent and everywhere.

You need to wander over to Jalopnik to learn more about this car. Ken has a number of fantastic photos, so you can examine the Cara from all angles.

[Source: Jalopnik]