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Kamil Kaluski April 6, 2018 Mystery Car 12 Comments

When the esteemed-ish Rob Emslie was running the Mystery Car section he would typically start off with some obscure fact or anniversary. Unfortunately I don’t have such powers. The cars he would post were often older, classics of you will. The part he would spotlight was always exclusive to that vehicle, or perhaps he’d trick you with a part commonly seen on a different but the one he’s highlighting. But I’m not that clever. Make and model, please. 

Last week’s Mystery Car was solved rather quickly, answer after the jump. 

Image: ©2018 Hooniverse/Kamil Kaluski, All Rights Reserved

If you guessed Alfa Romeo GTV, Mr. Mikado, you were right! Yea, it’s a few pieces short but it’s getting there.