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The DFL Show: Episode 87 – I Want To Crash Into The Astrodome

Bradley Brownell January 18, 2018 Hooniverse Podcast, Motorsports No Comments

This week on The DFL Show, Pat, Eric, and Brad discuss the week’s motorsport news. We spend a lot of time discussing the bad ass that was Dan Gurney, because he deserves it. One of the most influential racers of the century died, and of course we’re going to gush about him and his insanely good career. Is there a modern analogue to Dan? 

You can expect to hear updates on Dakar, the Dubai 24 hour, Formula E, and Asian Le Mans races over the weekend. News from Formula 1, Indycar, Formula E, WEC, IMSA, and more. In lieu of listener questions, Eric wants to know what our five bucket list races are for this year (great answers, by the by). Jabroni. Then we’re out., It’s a long show, but you’ll probably enjoy it. 

The DFL Show – I Want To Crash Into The Astrodome

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