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Vintage drifting video shows low horsepower mixing with tremendous fun

Jeff Glucker December 8, 2017 Hoonivercinema 4 Comments

Over on Reddit, a user posted a simple drifting video that shows a driver of a Toyota AE86 working his way down a canyon road. It’s a single shot, mounted in the rear of the passenger side of the car and shows the driver fully in control of his machine. There’s no music. No narration. Just clean clipping of mountain corner after mountain corner.

This is a joy to watch, as this is a master at work. The car may not have a lot of horsepower, but it’s further proof that you don’t need all of that power to have all of the fun.

[Youtube via Reddit/r/Cars]

  • Zentropy

    Wow. There’s a guy who truly KNOWS his car. Just watching the video made the butt cheeks clench.

  • JayP

    My little ‘B made 50hp on the best day of it’s life.
    But it was the most engaging car to drive.

  • theskig

    It reminds me Fujimi Kaido on Forza Motorsport: one of my favourite tracks.
    BTW I had a AE86 Trueno in that game and drove it so much. Lovely.

  • Humpty Dumbrowski

    As David Hobbs would say, given the closeness of a very solid wall and the guardrail, the driver has huge “attachments”..