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Radwood 2 in Pictures

Kamil Kaluski December 4, 2017 Car Shows, Cars You Should Know 2 Comments

Radwood 2, the show celebrating 1980s and 1990s automotive culture happened last Saturday in California. And I’m kind of pissed-off. I’m pissed because I own cars from 1980s and 1990s, I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and I couldn’t be there. I’m pissed because I know more about these cars than I should and I couldn’t share my wisdom with others. I’m currently reaching out to our own Bradley Brownell, who was one of the main figures behind this show to have one on the east coast. Just for me, just so I can dominate it.

I know I have a pair of Z. Cavaricci’s in my mom’s attic and some Bugle Boy t-shirts. I think I have a Sony Discman which I’d connect to my Integra’s radio with a cassette adapter and play Poison, Bon Jovi, and Nirvana until everyone’s’ ears bled. 

Those who made it to Radwood 2 say it was one of the best shows they have attended. Fuggers. For the rest of us there are pictures. John Binns, a.k.a. zombieite on Flickr, took some awesome pics and was okay with the world sharing them. Check them out in the gallery below. There is also a Radwood Facebook page with a ton of other pictures. Looks like fun!

Radwood 2

  • outback_ute

    Looks like the day went well. I did a game of “are these cars found in Australia”, most are except the New Yorkers, early Caravan, Explorer, Blazer & Dodge pickups (1980s rather than earlier or 1994-on models). Of course I may be wrong, and some of the cars like Deloreans & Escort Cosworth would not be much more than single digits, but that is what I have seen.

  • wunno sev

    Radwood is exactly why i need to move to California. we just don’t get that shit anywhere else

    i was in LA like four times last year and the Bay Area once, and each trip was a joy and a treasure, from the car-spotting perspective. people love their cars out there, in a way that we just don’t do in the rest of the country.