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Anthony Bourdain explores the world of Hazan Motorworks

Jeff Glucker October 10, 2017 Two-Wheel Tuesday 1 Comment

A custom built motorcycle can easily be considered a bit of rolling art. Such are the pieces created by Max Hazan out of his Hazan Motorworks shop in Los Angeles. The frames spring forth to cradle the heart that is the engine while the wheels and tires stand strong like a pair of shoulders firm in a resolution of weight holding. Sure these won’t be for everyone, but the bare, basic nature of a Hazan bike is a definite conversation piece.

It’s that want of a conversation that drew Anthony Bourdain into the Hazdan work space to see how Max creates. Bourdain is hosting a web series called Raw Craft, which is a sponsor piece for Balvenie scotch.

Bringing Bourdain, good scotch, and a great topic together is enough for us to pay attention. Now we need to have the show find a great car builder to talk with as well.

  • cath brookes

    Very happy to see this series back and this episode was great to watch. But…the guy Max even said near the end that the bike was half done and it felt like the episode itself was only half done. Please show more of what excellent craft really is! Thanks.

    Gretta Hewson
    Veritable Southeast Alaska Lodge