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The False Neutral Episode #71 Pete’s Back And The AIMExpo

Pete is back for this episode!  We catch up with him and his adventure to the recent AIMExpo in Columbus, OH, he saw a lot of interesting things there so we talk about that, plus catch up on his project bikes.

Photo’s for most of the items we talk about are after the break.

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False Neutral – The Return Of Pete And The AIMExpo

Honda Grom

Old and New Yamaha XSR700

2016 Honda CB500F

Pete’s Comparison Chart

Honda NM4

Kawasaki Z900

Yamaha VMax

Simpson M30 Bandit

Can Am Maverick X3

Yamaha YXZ 1000r

Pete’s Frame Jig

Yamaha XSR700

  • Three times I said the totally wrong thing:
    Kawasaki is building a retro Z900, not Honda.
    —I was talking about the LED tail light on Yamaha’s XSRs and Bolt, not turn signals.
    —My employer has a 44-acre corporate campus, not 440 acres.
    I don’t know what was wrong with me, but my brain slipped was slipping gears and I didn’t realize it.

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    Where did the guys and the podcast go?