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Learn off-roading in a Land Rover Defender

Kamil Kaluski September 18, 2017 All Things Hoon 2 Comments

Drive around the city of Boston or Cape Cod, and most significantly Nantucket, and you will see them – Land Rover Defenders. They are of all ages and types. Some are the American market, some are old, some are questionably imported, and a few are restomoded. These iconic utility vehicles have a cult following and are all the rage among those who prefer to show their wealth in more subtle ways. 

Land Rover is currently in the process of designing the replacement for the Defender but they couldn’t help but notice the popularity of the older models. Because of this Land Rover has decided to put the classic Defenders into their Land Rover Experience Centers. Those centers allow current and potential Land Rover buyers to experience the capabilities of these off-roaders in a controlled and safe environment. We have visited one such center in Manchester, Vermont: part 1, part 2, part 3

Defenders will be available at these centers alongside current Land Rover vehicles such as the Discovery and the Range Rover. Consumers participating in the program will gain insight into the heritage of the Defender and be able put the vehicle through its paces, driving on trails with grass, mud, ruts, and water crossings. Land Rover Experience Instructors will provide proper coaching and instructions.

The Defender Driving Experience will be available in half-day and full-day programs starting in September. The half-day experience will cost $1,200 and full-day will cost $1,500. That may seem pricey but nothing about the Defender isn’t pricey. For many this may be the only way to drive this amazing vehicle in its natural habitat. Your other option is to travel to Africa, which I highly recommend. 

  • Christopher Tracy

    I’d love to have an old Defender to constantly “work” on. I don’t really know why I put work in quotes because it would be a Defender so the work would be literal and not figurative. I’d be on board for storing one. 😉

  • Alff

    All those guys who lost their deposits for the F150 man building weekend now have a backup plan.