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Hooniverse Asks: If you could be a car designer….

Chris Haining September 7, 2017 Hooniverse Asks 24 Comments

Who’s watched or read “High Fidelity”? In that superb film / novel, Rob Gordon (John Cusack) decides that his dream job is as a music journalist for Rolling Stone, specifically between 1976 and 1979. He’d get to meet The Clash, Crissie Hynde, The Sex Pistols, David Byrne and get loads of free records. It was a dream based on qualification, time, history and salary not being an object.

During my ‘off grid’ holiday I mostly amused myself by reading, but one night I was strongly taken by an urge to ‘do a car’. The result was ungainly at best, but packed all the multiple pop-up headlamps and four gullwing doors that I set out to achieve, and firmly underlined my favourite era in concept car design – the 80s. As a child of that particular decade, the motorshows of the time would thrill me with their wild show cars, many of which were crammed with a mish-mash of totally incompatible features and design cues.

Compared with the graceful flamboyance of the ’50s, ’80s concepts were purposeful in an angular, functional way, long before the curvy, amorphous 90s and ‘organic’ naughties rolled into view. Hence, if I was to fullfil my former dream of being a car designer, I’d want to to it to be in the era between my own birth and 9th birthday.

If you could be a car designer, what era would you pick?

(Image copyright Chris Haining / Hooniverse 2017)