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Hooniverse Asks: Non-Bike Riders, which bike makes you want to saddle up?

Jeff Glucker September 5, 2017 Hooniverse Asks, Two-Wheel Tuesday 26 Comments

I don’t ride on two wheels. There wasn’t a time when I got into when I was a younger man, and now I have no urge to suddenly dive into this world. Still, I’ve always remained curious about bikes from arms length. There are a few bikes out there that even have me paying a bit more attention to that space. One of those is the Ducati Scrambler.

It would be dumb to buy a brand-new bike as my first motorcycle. I know this. I’ve been told this directly by Mr Motorcycle and Bare-Ass aficionado Wes Siler.  Buy something cheap because you’re going to drop it. Once you get competent, then go get better bikes.

It would be at that point that I’d start configuring my own Ducati Scrambler. It oozes cool. I have no desire for a crotch rocket, as I’d rather have something to run about town while showing off a bit of style. Perhaps bike purists will dismiss my attitude and reasoning for choosing a bike like the Scrambler, but that doesn’t matter since I’m never going to get one anyway.

If I were to buy a bike, I’d pine for something like the one above. I’m curious about the rest of you… if you’re not a bike rider, is there a bike out there that has you considering that M-Class license?

  • GTXcellent

    Nope. Not a one.

    Many years ago, I was one of the first who came upon a horrific motorcycle accident – well before the medical professionals even – in which the guy didn’t survive. Even typing this now gives me a sick feeling. I’ve had ZERO desire to even ride a dirt bike since.

    • Victor

      Came to say that,had a 175 Kawasaki scrambler when I was young and dumb .Never again.

  • Smaglik

    No interest in entering this world. I’m a transportation engineer (I teach and do research) with a focus on operations, but have dabbled enough in safety to be deathly afraid of the odds of any crash being fatal or incapacitating to a motorcycle rider. This, combined with the large level of distraction on the roads… Yeah, no thank you. I’ll keep the cage around me.

  • fede

    I have never ridden any bike, and I’m not planning to learn now… but lately I have started to appreciate custom bikes, especially cafe racers and bobbers…

    I’d love something like this (it seems it’s a tracker, not a bobber, but looks like a bobber… I don’t care, I just love how it looks)


  • Technically a trike, not a bike, but it would still require an endorsement on my license. I currently have dibs on it should the owner decide to sell, because clearly I need yet another SAAB two-stroke:


  • Lokki

    I rode -a lot- in the 80’s but my bike addiction was overtaken by events… living in Japan in those days I went out one Saturday morning and rode the Okutama Skyline road… and came home on the train, having shredded my new Bates boots, my Thurlow Deerskin jacket, and my bike. This did not amuse my wife. Before I could get the bike repaired, I was transferred back to the States by my company. We landed in San Antonio which really isn’t bike country – temp too hot, speeds too high, and a decided lack of curvy roads. Besides I was busy fighting my way through the corporate jungle.

    Suddenly it’s 2017.

    Still, I get a chill and then a fever when I hear a Ducati. I realized I can respond to that sound like a recovering alcoholic responds to the pop of a whiskey cork. Add the legend of Mike-The-Bike on the Isle Of Man, and there can only be one:

    A Ducati 900 SS Mike Hailwood Replica https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3d544993c345d7ea5a78a662792943ac71c4defa0206f99fd19499a53ee5b53f.jpg

  • Kiefmo

    Almost anything other than a Harley, and even then a sportster or one of the new entry level rides might intrigue me.

    -A non-rider who already wishes he weren’t and doesn’t need much enticing

  • jeepjeff

    Welp, at two years with my M1, I’m disqualified. The Scrambler is an awesome bike, though. Definitely desirable and a good around town machine. Not a good starter bike in 800cc trim, though.

    Buying new for your first bike isn’t necessarily terrible. It worked out for me, but there are a lot of caveats around budget, buying a good starter bike and being prepared for when you inevitably drop it. The TW200 purchased new with cash remains one of my favorite life decisions.

    • Kiefmo

      Bought my CBR250R new. Never dropped, or came close to doing so. The bike only outweighed me by about 100lbs, though, so I had mass on my side. And strength — that also helped.

  • discontinuuity

    I already have a moped, but I’d kinda like to get a Shifty Fifty like the Honda MB5:

    Or a small-displacement four-stroke like the Honda CB175:

  • neight428

    I got my m/c license when I was in college, but it has been unused for close to 20 years. Motorcycles are among those things that are extremely rewarding in certain circumstances but highly compromised in nearly all others. I personally like the supermoto bikes, but Finding a place where death didn’t feel imminent in the thing would be the challenge.

  • Alff

    I haven’t ridden a street bike in decades. I’d break the hiatus for one of the iconic bikes of my youth. Mostly Hondas of the 80s – Interceptor, Nighthawk, CB Custom, Sabre, Magna, CBX. Outside of Honda, maybe a big ol’ KZ or a Water Buffalo. It would have to be something old, I’m no more interested in new bikes than I am new cars.

  • I’ve been bike-curious for a long while without ever having donned the leather to prove it. Thing is, I’m pretty sure that even the lamest bike will satisfy my urges.

    Being that, given the right road, even the most humdrum car has been known to whip me up into a state of barely-controllable ecstasy, I really like the idea of something back to basics. At first, I was tempted by an accessible all-rounder, something like a Honda Hornet or CBF600, but then I realised that I’d end up getting hooked and craving yet more power and performance.

    In reality, I need something that represents the greatest possible contrast from what I drive every day, lest it becomes, well, what I drive every day. So I’ll say an Enfield 350 Bullet.

    • Vairship

      No Sinclair C5? 😉

      • And a Sinclair C5 – although that’s technically a trike.

        • On the other hand, the Sinclair Zike is technically a bike, as is the Sinclair A-Bike, although the A-Bike is not a Zike, nor the Zike an A-Bike.

  • CraigSu

    Haven’t ridden since the ’70s as a teenager on my Honda SL175 so it’s out of my system now. If I could somehow be persuaded to get back in the saddle though, it would be on a Gurney Gator.

  • JayP
    • Widirstky Matt

      I would actually stay away from Urals, as they could be quite dangerous to riders, once you’ve got some experience, OK but about to a first time, or for that matter 30 time rider, you need the ability to either stop, or get to out of there

  • Fuhrman16

    For what ever reason, I’ve always kind of had a soft spot in my heart for 60’s and 70’s style British and Japanese sport bikes. There’s a few modern retro styled cycles I would buy if I had the money to spend on them, like the Suzuki TU250X (it has sundown stripes!), the Yamaha SR400, or the Triumph T100 Bonneville.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a40368674c8d0a9c952398b695bfa8cfacc0f362ee83a3caba9c6cb29c98419e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9c952d2c0d88b8c4e7c0ab808373f1deef8898201cbb3fb6f9447a6172422175.jpg

  • ptschett

    Since I haven’t used my M endorsement through a whole license renewal window, here’s a partial listing of what I’d consider if I were going to use it again:

    Yamaha Super Tenere & SCR950; Suzuki V-strom; Kawasaki Versys & KLR650; Triumph Scrambler; Buell Ulysses (RIP)

  • Rover 1

    After more than half a million km a depressingly long time ago as a motorcycle courier, I thought I might have ridden motorcycling out of my system.

    Apparently not, as I keep looking for one of these. This coming summer will be the time, while I can still fit my leathers. A Kawasaki ZZR1100, (ZX11 in US)

    If you feel the need for speed, nothing beats a litre-plus bike (non Harley type of course.)

  • crank_case
  • Rudy™

    My hip joints suffer a bit of what Fred Sanford used to call “arthur-itis” so, straddling anything for extended periods won’t feel very well. About all that leaves for me are scooters, and a maxi-scooter like the Honda Silver Wing pretty much fits the bill as my first choice. Suzuki Burgman, etc. are runners-up, or a Honda Forza for something a little smaller. This, of course, means I would only take it on nearly empty rural roads since our roads here are so hostile. And that would mean trailering it so I can get out of town safely. At that point, is it really worth it?

    We may actually get a pair of Honda Metropolitan scooters, which we could putt around the neighborhoods in, and ride in our local charity cruise. Great fun! No way I’d go on a main road, however.

    Can’t stand Harleys…

  • David Buckley
  • Krautwursten

    The Honda V65 Sabre for sure. Three point something seconds to sixty, ten point something seconds down the quarter mile, 140 to 150-ish mph top speed, running with sportbikes on a cruiser, in 1984. And that glorious V4 sound.

    As for new bikes, I’m kinda drawn towards the Yamaha XSR900. Great looks, great performance, great price, great three cylinder exhaust note which I actually prefer to twins.