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Team O’Neil Explains Rally Car Prep

Kamil Kaluski August 30, 2017 All Things Hoon 1 Comment

Wyatt Knox from Team O’Neil Rally School takes us on a tour of what makes a car, a rally car. From suspension, to brakes, engine work, and the cage, he goes over everything in detail. But there is more; more stuff that you typically can’t just see, the kind of stuff that is not in rules books, the kind of stuff that can only come from experience. 

Wyatt explains the purpose of a foam pad on a skid plate, for instance. Or why a catalytic converter is mounted in the rear of the car, or what a wheel scraper is. He goes into details of how a rally car differs from a track car. Details such as long protected brake lines, what rotors to use and not use and why, engine mounts, modular cooling system, and underbody protection. He goes into details of having two spare tires, an impact gun, and a jack and their mounting points. 

Watch the video, it tells you the kind of things that you can only learn from doing. Many of them can be applicable to your daily driver, too. 

  • dukeisduke

    What rally class is this? It doesn’t look as radical as the cars in WRC. Do they use mousse in the tires? Or is that still a thing?