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These Mecum Monterey lots were the highest no-sales

Joel Strickland August 22, 2017 All Things Hoon 20 Comments

Pebble Beach in Monterey, California is paradise for car fans in the third week of August. One of the highlights is the multiple cars auctions.

The Mecum Collector Car Auction had a large list of great cars this year.
But instead of looking at the top sales, we look at the no sales. So below we’re presenting the top nine cars that didn’t sell despite the bidding reaching over one million dollars.


This 209 mile (336km) example in Bianco Fuji, one of only two in this combination in North America. Passed in at USD $4million (AUS $5 million, Estimate was $4.5-4.7 million.


This 151 mile (243km) example in Rosso Red, with plastic still on the car floor, was passed in at USD $2.7 million (AUS $3.4 million), Estimate was $2.7-3 million.


This less than 1000 mile (1609km) example of the rare 375 only built P1 was passed in at USD $2.1 Million (AUS $2.6 million) Estimate was $2.2-2.5 million.


This ultra rare Vulcan, one of only 24 made, and the only one created in Midnight purple, with less than 100 miles (160km) on the clock was passed in USD $1.8 million (AUS $2.2 million) estimate was $2.3-2.7 million.


The MC12 was Maserati’s foray in GT racing, the Corsa was their track car version and was only 1 of 12 produced. It was passed in at USD $1.7 million (AUS $2.1 million) estimate was $2.3-2.5 million.


The BHL102 is one of only 2 Ex-Briggs Cunningham Team Lister Knobbly Jaguars, it was campaigned from 1958 to 1960 by the Cunningham Team. It was passed in at USD $1.6 Million (AUS $2 Million).


This 275GTB started life as a short nose and was converted to long nose after a bad accident. It was passed in at USD $1.6 million (AUS $2 Million) Estimate was $2.2 million.

1996 PORSCHE 911 GT2

The GT2 is a sought after model, this 1996 version, one of only 194 Strassenversion and in the extremely rare Speed Yellow, was passed in at USD $1.3 million (AUS $1.6 Million) Estimate was $1.6-1.9 million.


This rare, one of 80, 599’s with only 281 miles (452km) on the clock, was built only for Ferrari’s most privileged clients. It was passed in USD $1,050,000 Million (AUS $1.3 Million) Estimate was $1.4-1.5 Million.

[Images Courtesy of Mecum Auctions]

  • Fred Talmadge

    On cars that I watch the values have moderated. Too bad if you bought for investment.

  • Over a million for a 911 your neighborhood couldn’t tell from the base model, you must really be into cars I guess.
    AM Vulcan, interesting, didn’t know too much about it.
    Also, from that low, the F-cars look silly.

  • engineerd

    I thought for sure when I placed that $1.7 million bid they would drop the reserve on the Vulcan. Nope. Stingy seller!

    • Wayne Moyer

      You were thinking illogically.

    • Alff

      I would have gone higher on the Maserati, if the headlamps hadn’t yellowed like those of a decade old Stratus.

      • Tomsk

        The yellow headlights are probably intentional. Typically in sports car racing, GT cars have yellow headlights/headlight covers, while prototypes (or if it’s an all-GT series, the faster GT class) have white headlights/headlight covers. Makes it easy to know at night (and sometimes during the day) if the car behind you is going to be coming up on you quickly or roughly your pace.

        • Alff

          Thanks. I’ve noticed the different color headlamps during the few times I’ve seen such races (not as big a fan as some) but didn’t make the connection.

    • 0A5599

      Try throwing the money on the floor. They will either bend over to pick it up (making you the more impressive rich guy), or you can just walk away from it like yesterday’s coffee grounds (also making you the more impressive rich guy).

  • peugeotdude505

    If I had a million dollars…

    • … you couldn’t afford any of those, and hence, would use the money more wisely?

    • smalleyxb122

      Not a K-car in the bunch.

  • P161911

    So here is where $20 million or so can go if I hit the $700,000,000.00 Powerball jackpot. No interest in the VW/911.

  • hwyengr

    Does anyone keep stats on what percentage of the lots actually sold? While I was watching, it seemed like nothing was hitting reserve.

  • Manic_King

    Enzo. Sellers put often reserve higher than low end of estimate? I would think after getting estimate they would only put the car up for auction if they think they get enough for the car and estimate is kinda indication what’s gonna happen. Also, every Ferrari seems to be very different shade of red….

  • What kind of person buys an Enzo and drives it about 10 miles a year? That’s some serious self control or neglect or apathy or something.

    • The owner still has the beater Enzo, I guess? (Well actually, he still has both.)

    • Alff

      Perhaps he prefers his other supercar(s), or found the running costs to be oppressive. Tanshanomi has some insight there.

      • Now I’m intrigued; what’s perceived as oppressive when the entry price was far more than one million in the first place?

    • engineerd

      Maybe he was trying to Save the Enzos™?

  • Darren McLellan

    Curious why the need to quote all the prices in AUS$