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Hooniverse Asks: Do you have a favorite photo shoot location?

Alan Cesar August 18, 2017 Hooniverse Asks 21 Comments

Most car enthusiasts also have an affinity for photography. It’s a natural connection: If you’re putting in the effort to make your car look/be/sound cool, you would also want to capture that and share it. If nothing else, good photos help you to sell your car when the time comes.

Living in coastal Florida gives me plenty of scenic locations for photo shoots. Thanks to the style around here, I also have access to lots of buildings painted in gentle, warm colors. I’ve found a few such nondescript buildings and industrial areas where the light is often good and the backdrop won’t distract from the subject. They’re my go-tos because they’re close to home and—something I find important in Craigslist ads—don’t give away my exact location.

Where’s your favorite place to shoot? You don’t need to share coordinates, just a vague description will do. Major bonus Internet Points* for posting a photo from said location.

*Internet Points are redeemable only for in-person high fives. Delivery not included.

[Photos copyright 2013 & 2011 Alan Cesar]