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Shift Happens: Quick peek at a 1967 Chevelle we’re going to review

Jeff Glucker August 10, 2017 Hoonivercinema, Shift Happens 28 Comments

Old cars are better. We know this and you know this, and that’s why we want to feature more old or interesting cars on our YouTube channel whenever possible. We’re still going to cover new car stuff as well, but it’s the older metal that really gets us going. Case in point: this 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle.

Owned by a friend, we’ve been angling to shoot this car for awhile. Now we’re going to get off our asses and make that a reality. Then we’re going to shoot the owners other car, which is an old Nova… and after that we’ll shoot his El Camino.

From there, we’re looking to get our hands on anything old, cool, interesting, unique, whatever… just something to break up the onslaught of new-car videos we’ve been bringing you for a bit now.

These won’t be quick Shift Happens-type videos like the one above either. We’re going to break out the big cameras and shoot them with the care and respect they deserve… at least, at the level we can provide. We’re not Petrolicious, so we’re happy to see them keep doing beautiful films.

Ours will be a dive into the car itself and hopefully we’ll learn something about the person who owns and drives them as well.

  • njhoon

    Just a quick note; take your flip flops off you won’t drive like an amateur. I love the GM A bodies from that era they had style and are comfortable to drive. A big block manual…what more could you want (Besides brakes, seat belts, etc)

  • Harry Callahan

    “Old cars are better.”

    That is certainly a good place to start debate. Bananas are better than apples too.

    My 1968 Mustang gulps fuel, is an enthusiastic polluter, is cramped, and will not protect me in a collision. It is noisy, vibrates, and rolls over just approaching a corner. I love it.

    My 2015 Mazda 6 is thrifty, clean, spacious, and 5-Star safety rated. It is quiet, smooth, and handles surprisingly well. I love it.

    Which is better? It depends if I am driving 500 miles with my family, or blasting over Kanan Road to Malibu to meet a friend at Trancas.

    • Alff

      Heh, I made that drive for the first time a couple of weeks back. Either of your vehicles would have been preferable to the rental Grand Caravan I piloted.

      • Harry Callahan

        I hope you didn’t spend much time or money at that particular winery. Their product is much less than epic….inexcuseable when so much around here is shockingly good….

        • Alff

          That particular winery looks like an excuse for the owner to get a tax write off for a beautiful hilltop home.

          • Harry Callahan

            Perhaps…and to fleece the sunshine-drunk tourists…

    • Jeff Glucker

      I like to stand by my blanket statements…

      (as my truck drips oil outside, and my Benz is getting work done to it yet the Mazda CX-5 has been flawless for 25k miles)

    • “My 1968 Mustang gulps fuel, is an enthusiastic polluter, is cramped, and will not protect me in a collision. It is noisy, vibrates, and rolls over just approaching a corner.”

      Well, yeah, that’s because the only Mustangs worth having are the ‘64.5 to ’67 models.

      There we go. Debate fully engaged. No need to thank me.

      • outback_ute

        Ok explain what Ford did from 67 to 68 to ruin the Mustang? Was it the side repeaters? 😉

        • Harry Callahan

          The grille is a bit different. 68 also saw the first 302 cid engine mid year, front disc brakes, collapsible steering column.

          • outback_ute

            All of those sound pretty terrible lol. I suppose it may be the 302 doesn’t rev as freely as the 289 (to echo the Alfa 1750 vs 2000 ‘common wisdom’ for example).

            Mr Harrell?

            • The side markers don’t bother me nearly as much as they do on the ’68 Cougar but I have to draw the line at the addition of latches for tilting the backs of the front seats to permit access to the rear seats. I like to think I’m fairly tolerant but I have my limits.

      • Alff

        Listen, if you want a Falcon then buy a Falcon.

        • If I ever want a Falcon I’ll probably somehow end up with a Frontenac.

          • Alff

            Of course you will, likely a Jamaican-market model with right hand drive and 12 inches of width channeled out.

      • Alan Allawi

        I recently bought All original only 8000 original miles 1973 Ford Mustang coupe with 302 Auto factory Am radio factory Ac manual windows. Its a beautiful machine!

    • crank_case

      My personal blanket view is we hit peak car circa 1989-95 and everything since has mostly been a step in the wrong direction.

      You had cars with EFI, most of the modern amenities you really need, pretty good safety, good economy, but still reasonably light on not over complicated. Lots of affordable coupes/sports cars on the market that you could still live with every day (e.g. Honda CRX, Miata, MR2, Prelude, Corrado, Audi Coupe – every manufacturer had one).

      In Europe, it also represented the time when you had the widest breadth of choice of brand new car. You could walk into a Citroen Showroom and buy a brand new futuristic Citroen XM, or a 2CV! (up to 1990). It was also possible to still buy an original Mini, Renault 4 (1992) or 5 sold alongside Clios, original Fiat Panda or Mexican VW Beetle.

      • kogashiwa

        So much agreed. I really think that ’90s JDM could carry me through the remainder of my motoring life.

  • kogashiwa

    Great to hear. Hoping to see some old Toyotas and Datsuns as well.

  • engineerd

    “Heavens to Betsy” really needs to be your new catchphrase.

    I can’t wait for your full review! Old cars are better in many ways.

  • Dean Bigglesworth

    I like this. This is good. Reminds me of this(It’s been 6 years? FFS time flies). https://youtu.be/7yMl0LWlekM Got that Monster sponsorship yet? src=”https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2017_08/logo_nieuw_1024.png.7b02c8dced98ff7054f128cdc647c8dc.png” alt=”Smiley face” width=”42″ height=”42″>