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Waze is now on Android Auto

Kamil Kaluski July 26, 2017 All Things Hoon 6 Comments

Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto have really transformed how we use our smart phones in our cars. Just plug your phone in and bam, instant access to your music, podcasts, contacts, text messages, and maps. It is not perfect as some applications are limited. The usefulness of the system also varies with the car that it’s used in. It seems to work best in Fords and Audis without a touchscreen are probably the worst. BMW recently stepped up with its new 5-series being the first car to connect to CarPlay wirelessly. 

But one specific app was always missing from CarPlay and Android Auto – Waze, possibly the most driver friendly app in existence. It not only gives directions but it uses real-time date to select the fastest route. It has warnings of construction, debris on road, cars on shoulders, and, most importantly, police speed traps. All those are user reported, so not always fully accurate, but what is?

It was just announced that Waze is now available on Android Auto. Rejoice, Android users. iPhone users may now have another legitimate reason to change to an Android device because it is not expected to come to CarPlay. That’s a shame, too, because it is a great app. Using on one’s phone while driving is not always easy or even legal, as it could be mistaken for the very offensive “texting.” 

Source: The Verge. Image: 9to5google

  • Maymar

    Not that I use Waze much anymore (I’m getting cranky and reclusive enough that if there’s the potential for too much traffic, or driving much further than a half hour, I’m seriously reconsidering even leaving the house), but I was curious if you’d still be able to report thing. Clicking through confirms that you can, so excellent.

  • Scoutdude

    Waze is worthless as you have 10 people report the same “incident” but because they all did it at different locations in the back up it looks like there are a bunch of accidents, or what ever when there was only one to begin with at it is long gone.

    Google maps navigation gives you real time traffic updates and will suggest an alternate route to save time if traffic changes on your Journey. Unfortunately since Alphabet now owns Waze now too, that spam data does sneak into it now, which really really annoys me.

  • P161911

    Waze offers Mr. T as one of the voices. This alone is a great reason to use Waze. “Take a left sucka!” “Keep right fool!” Heavy traffic ahead, I ain’t playin!”

  • Harry Callahan

    Gee, look…a rotary volume knob. I wonder if the Honda infotainment engineers in Japan ever considered one of those for HR-V?

  • Harry Callahan

    I am surprised the Waze interface hasn’t drawn considerable consumer legal action. The manner in which it enables police presence reporting, incident reporting, and other in-vehicle interactivity, is wildly distracting.

  • wunno sev

    i’ve been using Google Maps for the last, like, half year since my car got the Android Auto update. whenever i drive one of my other cars, neither of which has AA, i use Waze and am reminded of how good it is.

    it always baffled me why it took so long for them to come out with this. practically every new car comes with Android Auto or Apple Carplay; they’ve been sacrificing a huge audience by not having it.