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Mercedes blows the doors to the past wide open

Whatever your thoughts on Mercedes-Benz, there’s no doubt that our roads would look somewhat different if the Daimler story had never been written.

Mercedes can justifiably claim to have invented the car, but if it didn’t, you could be certain that somebody would soon enough. Whatever, since 1886, an awful lot has happened, and it’s rather gratifying to know that the German brand with the three-pointed star has been keeping accurate notes.

And now, its entire historical archive can be accessed by the likes of us.

Follow this link to get into the Mercedes public archive. In here you’ll find links to pretty much Mercedes has ever put its name to, with more photos and videos than you can shake a forest’s worth of sticks at.

Despite an English viewing option, the archive is understandably pretty heavy in German content that has yet to be translated, but hey, why not have a go yourself and add to the richness of your experience.

There are some proper gems in here, including this vintage Unimog advert. Why not see what you can find?

250 Hooniversal Credits (redeemable in participating branches of K B Toys) for whoever finds the most astonishing relic and posts it in the comments section below.

(With thanks to Classic M@RS)