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New Kid On The Block: An OG Gymkhana Experience

Bradley Brownell June 27, 2017 Hoonivercinema 1 Comment

Ken Block’s original Gymkhana Practice video was like capturing lightning in a bottle. It was a viral hit among even folks who knew nothing about cars, and with budgets in the millions and huge closed-down city street locations, none of the later videos could evoke the feelings that the first one did. When I saw that video all those years ago, I was in awe of what had been done. It was creative and new and exciting. 

Today, I feel those same emotions about Tyler Witte’s “Dream it, build it, shred it” video here. It has apparently been out for a couple months, but I just stumbled across it on YouTube this morning. It’s only four minutes long, but there is a ton of creativity involved, and shots that range from ‘sketchy as all hell’ to ‘stellar production value’, which gives it that home-built kind of feel that more videos need. The opening wall-ride and massive digger burnout to close the video are two of the most creative car antics I’ve ever seen. And that Subaru 2.5 RS is raging! 

Tyler even says outright that this video was inspired by what Block has done, telling SpeedhuntersWhat Ken Block has brought to the automotive world through his videos has inspired and influence an entire generation and car culture. I decided I wanted to make my own video but really had no idea how difficult it would end up being.” The final product, filmed in two different locations over five 16-hour shoot days, is pretty damn cool. Keep it up, Tyler, just don’t go all Hollywood on us

  • Rover 1

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