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Podcast: Episode 206 – A Manuel Transmission

Jeff Glucker June 14, 2017 Featured, Hooniverse Podcast 1 Comment

We’re all in the studio and joined by guest Manuel Carrillo III. He’s an automotive content machine doling out great pieces (both written and video-based) for a plethora of Internet Brands outlets. He’s also a friend of Hooniverse. 

We brought Manuel in because we wanted to hear about his latest endeavor; restoring his father’s old 1977 Porsche 911. This is a car that has been sitting for some time, but it’s also the very car that brought a baby MC3 home from the hospital. He’s invested in the outcome, and we want to learn more about it all.

Hooniverse – A Manuel Transmission

  • Rover 1

    With that heading I thought the article might be about the mighty Tremec, Mexican made manual fitted to Vipers, (and many, many others).