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Chris Forsberg gets seat time with Clarion’s latest project car

Jeff Glucker June 5, 2017 All Things Hoon 4 Comments

Chris Forsberg knows how to wheel. He also has pretty good taste in cars. Working with Clarion, he’s been able to drive some sweet machines as of late. This includes the oh-so excellent BMW 2002 that Clarion built to kick off its ClarionBuilds program. After that we’ve seen an Acura NSX get the treatment (Full drive video of that one coming soon) and now there’s a new member in the Clarion stable.

This time Clarion has turned its attention to a 1993 BMW 850Ci. Knowing the attention provided to the upgrades of its cars, we expect this build to be a stunner. That 5.0-liter V12 made just under 300 horsepower when it arrived factory fresh. Clarion likes to inject a bit more power, so we can’t wait to get our own grubby mitts on this machine.

For now, we’ll just have to live vicariously through Professor Forsberg.

  • Did I ever mention that I really, really like E31s?

    • outback_ute

      I also like them, but the weight is a bit off-putting. Perhaps less so now that it is more “normal”!

      It may be sacrilegious, but I’d like to take one and put an LS3 in it. (given sufficient time, space and money!)

  • wunno sev

    why does Chris Forsberg stand with his feet so far apart

    • Jeff Glucker

      Power Stance