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Quick Shift 2: Fixing the fuel lines on the Benz

Jeff Glucker May 16, 2017 Featured, Hoonivercinema, Quick Shift 4 Comments

My 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280 sedan is leaking fuel. So I’m going to try to fix it, and I go for a swim in fuel along the way.

Two t-shirts gave their lives during the making of this episode of Quick Shift.

  • jeepjeff

    Well, you won’t have any trouble disposing of the t-shirts by burning them. 😛

    • Even simpler, just keep using them as shop rags and eventually they may catch fire by themselves.

  • Health tip: nitrile gloves have excellent gasoline resistance.


  • “…see if it’ll hold pressure while the engine’s running…”

    I’d check this too, purely out of pervasive paranoia, but for a carbureted car such as this one with its external pump it shouldn’t make any difference at the tank end of things whether it’s running or not.