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False Neutral #58: Steve Ledsham of JAL Restorations

This week’s episode features England’s Steve Ledsham, the man behind JAL Restorations. We wanted to have Steve on based on the stunning catalog bikes he has built and restored. Unfortunately, this episode was fraught with production issues. First, Garrett on the west coast had to wake up at 5 AM to address the transatlantic time difference. Secondly, the sound quality is marginal. Steve sounds a bit like he’s talking to us from under the Atlantic, even after hours of trying to massage the audio to make the voices more distinct. Add in Steve’s British accent and you have a podcast you’ll have to listen to closely. But do it, because Steve is a true master craftsman, with a wealth of knowledge and great stories to tell.

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False Neutral – Steve Ledsham of JAL Restorations

Except where noted in the captions, images are copyright by and used courtesy of JAL Restorations.

1925 Harley-Davidson Model J

1936 AJS Special

1978 Suzuki GS1000E
Suzuki Press Photo

1968 Egli Vincent “EV7”

Yamaha TZ750 ex Dave Potter

Period TR750 Replica prior to completion