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Robert Emslie May 5, 2017 Mystery Car 6 Comments

Today represents a sad day in history, as it’s the anniversary of the passing of Bertha Benz. Loyal wife of Karl Benz, she was also the first person documented to take a trip of any significant length by automobile. Karl and Bertha were married in 1870 and 18 years later she packed up their two teenaged sons and drove a Benz Motorwagen 65-miles to visit her mother. The trek took all day and required multiple stops in villages along the way for repairs. The trip engendered interest in Karl’s invention and Bertha is credited with saving his fledgling company. 

We’ll tip our hats to Bertha’s memory and will celebrate her achievement in the only way we know how, with a Mystery Car contest. Today you get nothing more than a grille, not even  a headlight or trace of a badge. That’s okay, you’ve seen harder. Make and model please.

Image: ©2017 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved