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Trunk du Soleil

Robert Emslie May 4, 2017 Quick Pics 16 Comments

I’m freaked out by the way the trunk lid wraps around the tail light lens of the BMW 2-series. I mean, how does that thing even open? Argh, it’s driving me nuts!

Image: ©2017 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

  • I_Borgward

    Well, it’s all Teutonic engineering, of course. But, you’ll need to remove the engine, front left wheel and glove box to replace a burnt out LED in the taillight assembly.

    • I’m sure I would have read about it somewhere if automotive LEDs were prone to failure.

      • Lokki

        All I know is what I learned when someone hit the bumper on my 528i necessitating replacement of the rear bumper cover. When I got the car back from the body shop, neither the radio nor the A/C worked. “Ah”, said the body shop manager, “my guys must have left a connector loose when they replaced the bumper cover. Take it to BMW, have them connect it, and send me the bill”. That bill was $1100 dollars.

        Why, no, I don’t keep my BMWs after the warranty expires; why do you ask?

        • outback_ute

          What is pretty ridiculous and affects BMW and M-B at least is the need to have the car reprogrammed after a battery change, hundreds of dollars there.

      • I_Borgward

        I’m sorry. My comment shows ignorance. We all know that one doesn’t replace burnt-out taillight LEDs on a BMW. Rather, at the first sign of fault, you replace the taillight assemblies and then rear floor mats as balanced sets, in sequence.

    • outback_ute

      On a Mercedes A-class and presumably the GLA as well, you have to remove the tail light to replace a globe! While it is a relatively simple process, it does seem to open the possibility of scratching the paint, breaking of plastic tabs etc. I can’t remember now if it required tools.

      An even worse example was one of the French cars (a Megane?), where you had to remove the bumper to replace a headlight globe! Now French law apparently requires you to carry spare globes, but what good that will do in this case is unclear at best.

      The world is going slowly mad.

      • mseoul

        Have all Euro regs changed on that now? I heard that headlight bulbs must be able to be changed without removing parts, etc. now. Anyone know?

        • Rover 1

          You just need triple jointed fingers on elf-sized hands.

        • outback_ute

          Not sure, and not sure if it would be achievable given how packed modern engine bays are.

      • dr zero

        I had to remove the head light of my Focus to replace the bulb. Maybe it’s a German thing? Not too hard, but obviously more work than merely unclipping a bulb.

      • I’ve owned several cars that required taillight removal for a bulb change. 99 Odyssey, 03 Protege, 05 Mazda3 off the top of my head. Pretty common, I think. None was particularly difficult.

        The official procedure for headlight change on our 07 Prius involves bumper and headlight removal, but it’s possible to avoid both.

        • outback_ute

          I wonder if it is to avoid having large(r) holes in the body shell for improved rigidity

  • Papa Van Twee
    • Wayne Moyer

      It looks like it comes with a couple bottles of Soylent in the box there.

  • alex

    I like this less than the old “Bangle Butt” look.

  • Batshitbox