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Hooniverse Asks: If You Were Going to Get an Auto-Related Tattoo, What Would it Be?

Robert Emslie April 18, 2017 Hooniverse Asks 34 Comments

Getting ink, it’s something we’ve all thought about doing. Some of us may have even actually gone under the needle. The most amazing thing about tattoo artistry is its permanence. I mean they found skin art on that mummified hunter they dug up way up in the Alps. Yeah, you can get tattoos “lasered” off but that’s a pain in the ass. For the most part, tattoos are going to be with you forever, through good times and bad, 24/7, all-year long until you start pushing up those proverbial daisies.

That means you damn-well better make your tattoo a good one. We’ve seen plenty of heinous tattoos, full of questionable artistic endeavor and perhaps most egregious of all, with un-rectifiable misspellings. That’s gotta hurt in more ways than one. Since we’re all car nuts here, the question for today is, if you were going to get an auto-related tattoo—which why would you not?—what would be the subject matter for that tat?

Image Autosaur