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A Final Run: Saying Good Bye to the Dodge Viper ACR

Earlier, you saw Pennzoil provide a sendoff to the Dodge Viper. Well, we’ve been cooking up one of our own and to properly say good bye to the Viper, we wanted time with the most wild version of this race car for the road.

The Dodge Viper ACR with its Extreme Aero kit is about as insane a ride as you can find wearing plates and a VIN. That rear wing creates actual, usable downforce. There’s a set of racing harnesses you can swap in to use instead of the three-point belts. There’s a sound system, that you can sort of hear through three tinny speakers but it doesn’t matter… just turn that down and listen to the engine.

This is a glorious machine, and it’s no more. This is it so get in your good byes now.

[Disclaimer: Dodge let us get in a proper good bye to the Viper ACR. I drove this thing for a week and treated it like a daily driver. It was dumb and awesome, and I loved it.]