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2017 Milwaukee World of Wheels!

Robby DeGraff March 20, 2017 Car Shows, Hooniverse Goes To... 2 Comments

The cure for winter seasonal depression is a prescription of car shows. Especially in Wisconsin, where days of single-digit temperatures matched with negative windchill gets miserably obnoxious. Thankfully the month of March brings a bit of warm relief to frozen gearheads across the dairy state. We have two car annual car shows on the calendar; the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show and World of Wheels.

While my Camaro currently sits under a one-foot cover of snow (remind to never skimp out on paying for indoor storage during the off-season), a whole fleet of unique and custom machinery rolls into State Fair Park ground in West Allis, a city just a few minutes west of Milwaukee.

Autorama’s traveling car show, World of Wheels stops in Wisconsin once a year, and it’s become a tradition of mine to attend it with a crew of fellow car-lovers. I first covered the Milwaukee World of Wheels for Hooniverse back in 2014 and was stoked to land a press-pass for this year’s show. Crammed into one of the large exhibition centers is a tasteful circus of highly-modified classics, imports, motorcycles, muscle cars, and semi trucks. If eighteen-wheelers are your thing, get to a World of Wheels show near you. For me, they’re obnoxious- so I stuck to gawking, err, drooling at things that would realistically fit in my garage.

I’ve been on a huge obsession lately with old trucks and Toyota Supras for some reason, so I was in luck at this show. Within a few minutes of walking I strolled past a serious AZ80 last generation 1994 Supra, carbon fiber lip and all. A few booths away, a red Supra with a monstrous turbo under the hood sat proud.

Other favorites included:

  • A white 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS with 496 stroker engine throwing down 503-horsepower to the rear wheels.
  • Pair of red Ford Mustangs; a mint 5.0 Foxbody parked next to an ’04 Terminator Cobra.
  • 1967 Toyota Corona Deluxe, with a 90-horsepower four-cylinder, three-speed manual column-shift that sold for $1,700 new. Behind, a 1981 Toyota Trekker, which was built in collaboration with Winnebago and preceded the 4Runner.
  • A ridiculous 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 housing a 427 V8 below a gigantic supercharger. Blue stripes and all. I swear, the ground must have been shaking… even with the engine off.
  • 1976 Oldsmobile Toronado Brougham filled with burgundy inside and out. Look at that plush interior!
  • A Priceless Ford and Chevrolet trucks from the 1950s and 60s bearing intriguing words like ‘Mac’s Moonshine’ and ‘Harley-Davidson’ on the sides.
  • An adorable baby blue, early 1950s Plymouth Cranbrook.

[Image: Copyright ©2016 Hooniverse/Robby DeGraff]

  • CanAm-Chad

    No mention of the green AMC hornet? C’mon!

  • At the body shop that does all our work there’s a mark 4 Supra under a cover. Wide body kit and big intercooler is all I can see. It’s been there a couple of times over the past 8 years, I think he said. The current work is done and paid for but the owner is MIA. Phone disconnected, workplace closed, no way to contact him. So it sits.

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