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Quick Pic: The New F1 Hotness

Patrick Hoffstetter February 23, 2017 Quick Pics 5 Comments

Well we have our first F1 car in the flesh, and it’s the new, anniversary flavored Sauber. With a lovely blue and gold livery celebrating their 25 years in the sport it’s one hell of a good looking race car. Features to look out for on these new cars are the new style front and rear wings, the lovely shark-fin, and of course those massive wheels and tires. Expect a full breakdown from me over in Formula Fun town once we see more cars break their cover.

  • outback_ute

    Surely this won’t be their livery for the season, it does raise the question why no sponsor logos but it looks interesting.

    • My guess is that the contract isn’t closed yet: no money no livery. I like the more sober look of the Sauber, but I am afraid the money won’t last until the first race like this.

      • pj134

        Maybe CNBC is footing their entire bill for the year hahaha

      • outback_ute

        It must be harder than ever for the smaller F1 teams, given the cost of the current cars.

        “Sponsor us and we’ll come mid-pack at best!”

  • Lokki

    I am restless for the season to start…..