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Weekend Viewing: Build Yourself A Maxton Rollerskate For Christmas

Bradley Brownell December 24, 2016 Hoonivercinema 6 Comments


If you haven’t been following MotorWeek’s YouTube channel, you’re really missing out. Aside from the modern car reviews and news, they’re digging through their decades of archives to pull out some gems for our viewing pleasure. Some of the vintage reviews are brilliant, I’ve been a fan from the start. Over the last week, however, they’ve posted this series in five parts, a how-to video on Pat Goss putting together a Maxton Rollerskate “component car”. It’s really a great way to spend an afternoon watching this mini-series, and then searching ebay for a complete car, or even an incomplete kit. I’ve always wanted a Maxton, and this video series doesn’t help that desire. Maxton quoted a full build time for someone with ordinary tools to take just 50 hours. For the purposes of this build, they’ve boiled it down to just half an hour. Check all five parts out after the jump.

Part 1 – Visiting Maxton & Test Driving Their Car On Track

Part 2 – Getting Started

Part 3 – Continued Installation Work – The Engine Goes In

Part 4 – The Dash Is In, Fluids Topped Up, The Windshield Is On, Paint is applied

Part 5 – Final Assembly and Test Driving

  • Rover 1
    • smokyburnout

      the timeline doesn’t quite work out, but it looks like the missing evolutionary link between the Bugeye Sprite and the Miata

    • jeepjeff

      It even has a Mazda powertrain. Wankel, though, not piston.

    • crank_case

      It’s a shame the new car went with the current angry face trend, it’s a nice looking car, but it’s doesn’t look like a miata.

  • crank_case

    Reminds me a little of later round headlight versions of the Midas Gold, which was an evolution of the Mini Marcos. It’s pretty common in the UK kit car industry for designs to be passed over to a new startup, while the original manufacturer uses the funds from the sale of the design to fund a new model – e.g. Lotus 7 to Caterham, Fisher/Sylva Fury has been made by a few different companies now. Gordon Murray even had a hand in a revision of the car, but thankfully, despite the ad claims, he did go on to do better… https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c3/Midas_Gold_Coupe.jpg

  • Steven Visek

    Thanks for posting. I’ve been hoping for ages that they would post the series on the Maxton and the build. The Rollerskate is a happy car and loads of fun to drive. It is made for winding backroads. I own #19, the even rarer long-wheelbase version, since upgraded with fuel injection and a later RX-7 rear axle with limited slip and disc brakes.