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Announcing The 2016 Hooniversal Car Of The Year Competition!

Bradley Brownell December 7, 2016 Featured, Hooniversal Car of the Year 22 Comments


That time of year has come again, somehow we made it through the dumpster fire that was 2016 with only a few scratches worse for wear. So, now is the time that we reflect on the year that has been, try to dig up some good news from this particularly arduous trip around the sun, and nominate our choices for Hooniversal Car Of The Year!

There are a few new rules and regulations to the competition this time (as well as a new competition director, yours truly), so be sure to hit the jump to see what is in store.


2016 HCOTY Official Rules And Regulations

Rule #1 – This Year Clause – The car in question must have done something significant in the calendar year 2016. You can interpret this however you like.

Rule #2 – The ‘You’re-Not-From-Around-These-Parts’ Edict – Cars nominated do not necessarily need to have appeared on Hooniverse.com before.

Rule #3 – Non-CrapCan Provision – If it has raced in LeMons or ChumpCar it is automatically ineligible.

Rule #4 – The Dealership Directive  – If you can buy one from a dealership brand new anywhere in the world, it is ineligible.

Rule #5 – The HoonTruck Statute – Cars nominated for 2016 HCOTY competition must have a minimum coolness level above or equal to that of the HoonTruck.

Rule #6 – The Eligibility Dictate – Anyone may participate. In fact, our readers are encouraged to participate by nominating their favorite eligible car. Please do write up a couple hundred words and provide photos of your favorite car. We absolutely will provide space on our ballot for any car nominated by any of our illustrious readers.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the HCOTY is different from other “COTY” competitions, because we let our readers pick the winner. Just before the end of the year we’ll open up voting to our loyal proles readers so you can pick your favorite. Whoever wins will get this beautiful Green Participation Ribbon. Congration, you done it.


Choose your nominations carefully, pull at our heartstrings with beautiful and compelling prose, then cross your fingers that the car you champion is the victor. Just to give you an idea of what to expect, here are the prior years winners!

2015 Victor – Roadkill’s NASCARlo


2014 Victor – The Rescue Gremlin


2013 Victor – TIE between SpeedyCop’s Spirit of LeMons and Some K-Car Wagon Thing…