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Video: Lada 2104 with 420HP SR20DET Swap

Kamil Kaluski December 2, 2016 Eastern European Cars 6 Comments

I am in the middle of preparing (I’m using that word loosely) my Lada 2107 for 24 Hours of Lemons race (I’m using that word loosely). For that reason I am doing a ton of research (I’m using that word loosely) on easy modifications and upgrades.

Today I found this video. It’s a Lada 2104, which is the wagon version of 2105. The difference between 2105 and a 2107, like my own, is the grill and some other interior bullshit. Essentially, these are the same vehicles. Except that this wagon has Nissan’s SR20DET swapped in. And then the engine is tuned to healthy 420 horsepower at the rear wheels. In a car that weights 2152 pounds, that a recipe for fun!


  • My grandfather had one of those, too. The fenders were different, though. ..

  • We need an encyclopedia hoonatica post on engine designations car guys should understand. I’m mostly lost when it comes to Japanese engine families. I see a Nissan straight 6, in the video but no nothing more about it’s origins.

    • smokyburnout

      The SR20 is a 4-cylinder, the turbo/longitudinal RWD setup version would’ve probably come out of a Silvia (called a 240SX in the States, because ours were powered by the KA24 nonturbo 4 out of the Hardbody/Frontier)

      • I assumed it was a 6 and saw an inline engine. I believe he did say it came out of a Silvia.

    • Alff


  • Vairship

    So the 2104 is the 5-door, and the 2105 is the 4-door? Have they been talking to BMW, where the 3-series is the 4-door, and the 4-series is the 3-door?