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Last Call: Model Behavior

Robert Emslie November 30, 2016 Last Call 6 Comments


Seeing as Tamiya’s exquisite 1/12th-scale model of the Ferrari 288 GTO costs well over $400 it’s probably not high on your holiday wish list. Still, wouldn’t that be a nice surprise to find under your tree or as a nice Chanukah gift from your favorite aunt this year.

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Image: Classic_It_Is

  • 1slowvw

    I have made a terrible mistake.
    I bought a th400 for my project s10. I’ve always liked my right hand and left foot to look after the shifting. But with a budget of only a few hundred bucks to look after getting 4-500hp from crank to rear differential I had to compromise in order to keep the project moving forward.
    T56′ and old school muncies all seem to fetch a grand around here. So I guess it’s time for me to try an automatic.

    Any suggestions from you old school muscle guys as to what to use for a shift kit and converter? Keeping in mind I only have a few hundred to prep the th400. This will be a street truck not a drag project and the truck should only weigh about 3000lbs.

    • dukeisduke

      I’m no Turbo 400 expert, but I know a little. If you want a street vehicle, I’d say stick with street parts. You don’t want something that rattles your teeth or gives you whiplash with every full throttle upshift. Me, I like the way old GTOs with Turbo 400s drive (I’ve driven a few over the years). They used heavy duty clutches along with a specific valve body and separator plate, that gave firm shifts, fairly aggressive downshifts, and more engine braking than a regular 400. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine they used a specific converter, too.

      What engine are you using? Make sure that your Turbo 400 has the right bolt pattern, as the Chevy bellhousing design is different from B-O-P cars – adapters are required (and sometimes different or aftermarket crossmembers) to mate one type with the other.

      • 1slowvw

        My th400 is off a 350 small block. It’s going on a 4.8l truck motor that will have a single turbo set up on it.

        • dead_elvis, inc.

          Do you have a build thread for this somewhere?

          • 1slowvw

            Not yet, will be putting one together once I get a few more parts acquired. I’m days away from purchasing my Megasquirt ECU….Once that and my engine long block show up I’ll put something together.

            • dead_elvis, inc.

              Nice. Once you get there, hope you’ll post the link on a Last Call.