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The Cars Of Universal Studios Hollywood

Bradley Brownell November 27, 2016 Hooniverse Goes To... 10 Comments


Last weekend my wife and I decided to take a trip to Los Angeles, I was there to go to a nerdy Porsche convention, but my wife was primarily there to go to Universal Studios, or more accurately one particular section of the park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The weather was perfect and we had a good few hours together in the park. While there, I of course had to snap photos of all of the various cars in the park. There were a bunch of them on the studio tour, which you’ll see later, but unfortunately we were stuck on the tram and couldn’t get up close and personal with those cars. I wish I could have. Anyway, read on for more.


If you follow the Harry Potter movies, you’ll recognize this Ford Anglia from the third movie in the series. There was this one hanging out crashed in the woods of the Wizarding World. There was another one in the entrance to the park that was in remarkably better condition.



The front of the park had some movie hero cars parked on vintage-looking European street scenes, that I thought were pretty cool. Here’s a Chevy from the movie Public Enemy decked out in French police car trim. I’ve never seen the film, but I liked the car.


This motorbike didn’t really have a prominent part in the film, but Inglorious Basterds was an excellent movie and I enjoy old BMW bikes.


And finally, before we dive into the studio tour cars, here’s the Deusy from the Mummy.


The studio tour is probably the main attraction of the park, you board a four-car tram that takes you through the studios and down some of the streets where your favorite films and television shows are performed. I figured it would be sort of boring, but it ended up being particularly enjoyable. The entry to the studio tour actually got me hyped because I’ve been excited about the Jurassic Park series since I was a young child.


This ML isn’t particularly exciting, but you’ll probably recognize it from The Lost World. As are these huge beasts.


And here’s a smashed Ford Explorer which made me laugh and clap. My wife had one of these when we first started dating, and I hated that truck.


After the JP display, the display bleeds into a line of famous-ish cars from films. They primarily focussed this display on Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, and The Fast And The Furious. Magnum P.I.’s car is down there near the end, though.


Check out that Edsel. THE FUTURE!


I don’t really care about the Flintstones cars, that movie was terrible. 2Fast 2Furious was also terrible, but it’s hard to argue with an FD and a R34.


Later in the tour there was Dom’s Charger sitting behind a house. Phone camera got a bit potato-y with this one.


Then our tram went through the plane crash scene from “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning.


Bug looks pretty good for having been in a town with a torn-apart plane in it.


This Mustang didn’t fare as well.


This Jeep was sitting outside of the “Toretto Complex”. It was actually really cool inside, because everyone is given 3D glasses and the whole tram becomes involved in a virtual reality car chase. The whole tram shakes, they blow wind and water at you, there is heat blown at you for explosions. It’s a very immersive experience, and I recommend it. Go on the studio tour, it’s neat.


And exiting the park, we saw this crashed Springfield cruiser in Simpsons land. It was crashed at the donut stand. Because of course it was.


This amazing piece of art was displayed on a walkway through the open-air mall next to the park exit. This lovely lady has stop signs for glasses and Porsches for hair. Check out that Targa Florio 718 GTR Coupe!

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  • JayP

    That was Robin’s Ferrari.
    Magnum only ever owned one car during the series and it was an E Type.

    Couldn’t shut it off as he’d never get it restarted again.

    • Which recalls the attempted suicide scene of Lane Pryce in Mad Men: he doesn’t get his E-Type running…

  • karonetwentyc

    One of the Peugeot 403 convertibles as seen in various episodes of Columbo used to be parked on the backlot. Last time I saw it was probably at least twelve years ago; I’m wondering if it’s still knocking around.

  • Memories of Universal Studios in Florida, 1998 (last time I went), where my favourite outdoor exhibit was the BTTF3 locomotive.

    “In total 17 1/2 Ford Anglias were created for ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets'”

    That plaque irks me a little, as if they don’t realise that the Anglia was an actual car before Harry Potter came along.

    • Bradley Brownell

      Maybe “modified for use in” would have been better verbiage. I don’t think most people care.

    • Sjalabais

      Haha, I also reacted to that. Figured it took so many attempts to get the paint-on-patina right.


    • Vairship

      I read that as: “..were created destroyed…”. After all, it’d be rare for production cars to be created for a movie, they usually buy them and then have them eaten by dinosaurs/land them in trees/cut them in half for easier camera access.

  • Bradley Brownell

    Ah crud, I forgot to include this photo…

    It’s Robert Zemeckis’ parking spot on the lot!


  • JayP

    The Anglia was never a Hotwheels First Edition but was some tie-in with one of the movies.


    Hotwheels and Magnum – my wheelhouse.

  • 1977ChevyTruck

    I was just there (Halloween of this year)!

    IIRC, there was also a 1967-1970 AMC Javelin or AMX, on it’s side, on the plane wreck set.

    Oh, there was another motorcycle and sidecar, a Royal Enfield, I think, set up for people to take pictures on.