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Truck Thursday: Toyota TownAce Camper 4×4 Diesel

Kamil Kaluski November 10, 2016 For Sale, Hooniverse Truck Thursday 7 Comments


Overlanding, basically long distance trail hiking in a modified 4×4, is all the rage now. Where Jeep Wranglers and Toyota Tacomas are the norm, there is always someone who wants to be different. If you are that someone, here is an opportunity to buy something truly different.

Someone near Burlington, Vermont, is selling a Japanese market ’91 Toyota TownAce 4×4 with a camper shell and a pop-up sleeper. And it’s diesel, to boot! With it you can impress the overland crowd, JDM lovers, and diesel worshipers – a trifecta of car dorks – with just this one vehicle!


From the CraigsList ad:

1991 TOYOTA Van Camper 4×4. 5spd. Diesel. 66,000 Miles.$16995 (Burlington)

A truly one of a kind adventure vehicle. Rock solid toyota bones with a corrosion proof camper shell. This unique package features a Toyota Town Ace Truck Frame with a custom factory fiber glass camper shell. This was a 1 family owned vehicle in Japan before it was legally imported into the USA. Well maintained and taken care of, as can be seen with it’s clean interior and exterior. Perfect for adventuring solo, couple, or small family. This thing sleeps 4-5 adults comfortably with a bottom master bed and pop top bed. Some highlights:

66,000 original miles.
4×4 Manual locking hubs.
5 Speed manual Transmission, console shift.
Reliable Toyota 2C Diesel engine
Retractable awning
Clean water / Grey water tank with two sinks, one inside and one outside for rinsing off.
Seats 5 with seatbelts. 3 Up front and 2 in back.
Great lighting and visiblity due to huge windows.
Removable table for seating 7 in the rear, great use of interior space.
Fully curtained for privacy.
Full set of washable covers for interior cushions.
Pop-Top Bed with very clean canvas and mats.

More photos to come soon!


From the pictures it looks to be in a good condition, with some slight northeast patina obtained when stored outside exploring the great outdoors. With a little bit of elbow grease and a set of new all-terrain tires, its look would be significantly improved. The interior looks decent, too, if a bit dated and period correct.

While these forward-control vans typically lack crumple zones are fun to drive, they are not known to be very powerful. It is safe to assume that with the diesel engine this camper won’t make it up many hills win many drag races. Since similar vehicles were sold in U.S., basic service parts shouldn’t be hard to obtain, but more specific parts might require overnight shipping from Japan.


While I have no idea how to price vehicle like this, the seller is asking $16,995 at the time of this writing. It seems to be a complete and well preserved vehicle. Its obscurity and the JDM effect sure have a cost associated with them, too. Comparing apples to apples, a similar VW Westfalia 4×4 would cost significantly more. On the other hand, it’s a small 25 year old Toyota camper. This would make a nice price price or crack price candidate.




Source: Vermont Craigslist

  • Alff

    This thing is getting tons of attention. It’s on BAT, in my FB feed, on Hooniverse. Definitely would need to convert to 120V.

    • That’s not difficult, existing wiring should be thicker than USDM kind.

      • SlowJoeCrow

        Actually it’s the other way around, 220V typically has lower amperage and runs thinner wires. I was astonished the first time I saw some British theatrical lighting cable. Our stuff looks like welding cable, their stuff looks like household lamp cord.

  • cap’n fast

    it does leave some thing desired as an automobile. crash worthiness comes to mind. economy of ownership.had one in okinawa for some time. a bitch to fix. MTBF was good. too damn small….
    you should find out how much damage a hungry grizzly bear is going to do to the plastic camper when it smells something it considers edible(i.e.-slower than itself). hopefully, the new owner’s tender succulent body will survive the carnage. people always forget that whilst in the boonies they are on somethings dinner or lunch plate.
    when in alaska do not use the novelty salmon smelling cologne. open carry of artillery is recommended when off the beaten path. large browns and grizzlies do not respect us as a fellow predator. alway go in pairs. if you encounter a large bear, you only need to outrun your buddy as you cannot outrun the bear. so make sure your buddy has enough beer in him/her to slow them down. truly, survival of the fittest. some would consider a leg shot to slow him/her down. that would be unfair as they would already have enough problems.

  • SlowJoeCrow

    When you consider VW Westfalia prices this isn’t too unreasonable, although parts and service support will be harder.

  • dead_elvis, inc.
  • boxdin

    I think its pretty small inside, I’d like to see a pic of someone in there to gauge scale.