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This 530-horsepower Volkswagen T1 “Race-Taxi” laughs at your ‘Ring Taxi

This is one of those builds that must have started with lots of alcohol and a bet. I can’t imagine any other way a Volkswagen T1 bus could have ended up on the Monza GP course with enough bi-turbo power to even be in the same frame as a Ferrari 458 Speciale.

This video comes to us from 19Bozzy92 again and its subject is a spectacular build running around the track for a very good cause. It was a charity event called 6 Ruote di Speranza which benefits the disabled and this Volkswagen proved to be the perfect “race taxi” for up to four people at once. According to the Speedhunters post about the build, this started as a T3 bus that had its body replaced by that of an older T1. What lies underneath is a bi-turbo flat six out of a 1995 Porsche 993 and it’s been boosted to produce 530 horsepower. It still has the wind working against it but it’s still fast enough to be the only Volkswagen bus you will ever see passing anybody on a track. For that, we applaud Mr. Fred Bernhard for building and racing this wonderful creation. We are not worthy.

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