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Weekend Edition Mystery Car Revealed

LongRoofian October 7, 2016 Mystery Car 4 Comments


So last weekend, this olelongrooffan stepped all over the Esteemed Mr. Emslie’s toes and did a Mystery Car Bonus Edition of a cool ride I had seen at the final 417 Coffee and Cars I had attended earlier that weekend. That post generated quite a few posts and many of them were close.

However it was fellow Hoon Desmo, with Ernest concurring “Oh, I know what it is. It is a very expensive american car. [a Puma discussion had been occurring], (not a brazilian one, displacement is 1600cc, so I was only slightly wrong).”

“It is a Devin Special Porsche 356,” he posted with the above image.

And he was correct, almost.


This olelongrooffan has noticed in every Mystery Car post Mr. Emslie does, he always asks for year, model and power source. When I posted one, I included similar verbage.


I had contemplated using this image as the lead shot in that post but thought that chrome vertical piece hiding a portion of the rear taillight would be a dead giveaway for my fellow Hoons.


But the reason Mr. Emslie and myself include the comment on the powerplant is shown right here in the above image. This Devin is officially a Devin C. The Corvair powered 6 cylinder generates around 200 horsepower to power a 1,400 chassis.


According to the owner of it, there were 21-25 of them built with nearly all of them still around. Conversely over 200 of the Devin D (deutcheland sp) were constructed and he couldn’t recollect how many 289 powered Devon F’s were constructed.


When I commented on it, he did mention his Hood Stay Up device was one of a kind.


Pretty distinctive dash for a super low production fiberglas bodied sports car dating from 1963..


And a nice profile.


This was certainly not what this olelongrrooffan expected to see at Coffee and Cars that day. And damn, it was sweet.

Lede Image Courtesy Desmo
All Other Images Copyright Hooniverse 2016/longrooffan

  • Rover 1

    The answers did offer us all a few little snapshots of little known ‘not quite kit’ cars

  • Desmo

    I´m sorry that I could not upload an image in my first posting, which had explained it all- including type and stuff. However, the Devin 356 is famous because Porsche refused to add this car to their museum exhibition, although it was considered by Max Hoffman as a replacement for the 356 US Speedster. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Hoffman).

  • alia bhatt

    American Motors commissioned Richard Arbib, a leading industrial designer of the 1950s, to develop a futuristic concept car.[1] Built in four months, the Astra-Gnome represented the work product stylists to create “new and exciting shapes, textures and colors in a functional car.”[2] Arbib had the wheels and tires hidden behind full fender skirts to achieve “a floating special quality” and to suggest a spacecraft or hovercraft.[1]
    The vehicle was featured on the 3 September 1956 cover of Newsweek magazine and a highlight at the 1956 New York International Auto Show.[6] About 1,000 questionnaire cards were distributed to viewers at the auto show, with results indicating an 80% favorable response to the prototype.[4] Numerous photos were made of the car with Arbib, most often accompanied by attractive female models who explained to the media that the concept was never intended for production.

    • Lokki

      Don’t click that link in the post above… it goes to a mobile ringtone ad…. Is Alia Bhatt’s post some sort of sophisticated SPAM? Note his post doesn’t -really- have anything to do with the Devin…..

      But back to the point: that Devin is beautiful. What a great find!