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Put The Faster Farms Belvedere on the Jegs Cover

faster farms belvedere #43

Typically we ignore PR spam about contests, but this time it’s special: Fellow LeMons racers Faster Farms Plymouth are in the running to have their ’66 Plymouth Belvedere plastered across the cover of an upcoming Jegs catalog. You can help prevent yet another Mustang, Camaro or other generic muscle car from rising to the top. As is often the case these days, the voting takes place on Facebook (sorry, Luddites).

Follow this link to end up on a page with the Belvedere on top and cast your vote! Smear that cover with effluence!

[Image swiped from an ancient Murilee Martin post on Jalopnik]

  • “…the voting takes place on Facebook (sorry, Luddites).”

    Count me out, then. Someone please vote twice on my behalf.

    Still, it was nice meeting you this last weekend, Tim.

    • 0A5599

      Same here. My late father in law has an account, though, and I think I know where to find his phone…

      It’s possible he will be switching political parties next month, too.

  • Fred Talmadge

    OK so I’ve got a FB account and I gave you a vote. I doubt they will put it on the cover, since technically Lemons racers can’t put over $500 in their cars. Jegs won’t like that.

    • Safety equipment, including the entire braking system, is exempt from the budget. I imagine Jegs sees a lot of LeMons money. For example, even though I kept my car’s mechanicals very much stock, including the brakes, I still spent something like a couple hundred dollars or so just on roll cage padding from them.

      • Fred Talmadge

        Sure, but it’s nothing compared to the thousands some pro street dude will dump in his big block Chevy. Heck they have more invested in chrome than most Lemons.

        • dukeisduke

          And billet stuff, and braided stainless steel hose, and…

  • dukeisduke

    It got my vote.

    I scrolled through the rest, and found this one. It will likely get Bradley Brownell’s vote (you’ll see why):