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Meanwhile, Over on Craigslist, There Is This

LongRoofian October 4, 2016 All Things Hoon 15 Comments


Now this olelongrooffan is certain the Hooniverse Overlords in the past have established some sort of policy pertaining to linking to our wonderful List That Is Craigs, however this olelongrooffan has equally forgotten whatever that policy may be.

But know this, only $4,995.00 is standing between me and this sweet longerroof pop top.

What about you my fellow Hoons?

  • Fred Talmadge
    • dead_elvis, inc.

      I could live in that.

  • Hooniverse has policies?

    • Rover 1

      It’s really only one.

      To have no policies.

      • Lokki

        The first rule of Hooniverse policy is not to talk about Hooniverse policy

  • Scoutdude

    Seems pretty reasonable on price if those “rebuilt” engine and trans are done right and that rust repair over/around those rear wheel wells are not just window screen and bondo.

    • Alff

      Noob mistake. The preferred materials are JB Weld and brass screen.

      • A friend of mine looked at a ’58 Skyliner for sale several years ago, before their collectibility took off, only to find that a significant fraction of the lower edge of one rear quarter panel was chicken wire and papier-mâché. Nobody drives convertibles in the rain much anyway, right?

        • Alff

          I was recently given a cosmetically challenged Taurus for one of my kids to take to college. I addressed a golf ball sized hole above the rear tire with the materials above. If history is any indication, the repair will last two to three years. That is sufficient.

          • I’ll go ahead and assume that “materials above” refers to your own post, not mine. To hear my friend tell it, though, it appeared that even the Skyliner’s repair had lasted several years, perhaps a couple of decades, and yet still looked good-ish from the outside.

  • SlowJoeCrow

    Chinooks are classics, see Paul Neidermeyer at Curbside Classics

  • dukeisduke

    I always thought the Chalet campers (and about anything made by Chinook) were cool looking. I’d want to make sure the rust repair was done properly. As for the doors, I’d just bolt on some rust free replacements.

  • Batshitbox

    Gosh, if I knew I could get a 4-bbl 400 cid engine to pass California SMOG that would alleviate one of my misgivings about this rig. It seems like a well sorted K5 Blazer. Forty year old RV equipment, though… “bolted in at the factory” sounds like you’re not going to easily pop it out and put a standard K5 top in.

  • Sean McMillan

    it’s little brother is for sale in my neck of the woods https://images.craigslist.org/00S0S_38bpcmxUPbC_600x450.jpg

  • bus plunge

    I like it