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Weekend Edition: Mystery Car Bonus Edition


So on Saturday, the first day of October, 2016, this olelongrooffan got my lazy butt out of bed early enough to get nearly an hour up the road to the final 417 Coffee and Cars gathering just beside that almost food truck like coffee shop. While there I spotted something I knew existed but had not yet seen previously.

This olelongrooffan just had to gather up an image or several of it to share with my fellow Hoons. What about it Hoons? Ever seen one of these in the flesh? Year, make and power system if you will.

  • Spridget

    Saab Sonett?

    • longrooffan

      Sorry Man, a Sonett is way more pedestrian than this sweetie. Thanks though.

  • JayP


    • longrooffan

      Saw my first Fiat Dino a whiles back out at the Daytona International Speedway.

  • Rover 1
    • longrooffan

      Hoon!! You are close on rarity and exclusiveness but you have the wrong country of origin.

      • Damian Solorzano

        Apollo? I want to say Buick 215.

    • Lokki

      I am pretty sure that those headlights are Cibies. I just went and looked at the ones on my Alfa Spider, and the lense pattern is the same. However the car isn’t an Alfa Spider – the trim ring is wrong.

      • Rover 1

        Maybe we’re looking for a fibreglass French car then. It sure looks like fibreglass.

      • dukeisduke

        It looks like the Cibie Z-Beams I once owned.

  • fritzo2162

    Jaguar E type?

    • longrooffan

      Seriously? This olelongrooffan can’t even remember how many E type Jags I have seen in my lifetime!!! I have an image, somewhere, of my kid sister sitting on a buddy of my older brothers E types back in the late 60’s. But thanks for playing along.

      • bus plunge


  • Mr.Roadrage

    It looks like an AC Frua (or 427). Built between 1965 and 1973, with either a 427 or 428 V8 from Ford.

  • Ernest

    could it be an ASA 1000 GT?

  • fede

    some kind of tvr?

  • Sabra Sport, circa 1963?

  • LimaBravo

    Jensen Healey perhaps?

  • Looks like a Lotus Europa, could be a 1970, may be newer has the usa style headlights

    • Rover 1
      • bus plunge

        Lotus Europa, probably a 1970, I’m don’t remember. European model which meant it didn’t have safety glass, the speedometer was in kilometers and it ran on cheap gas and had yellow headlights. The steering wheel was on the left hand side.

        It was very fast, very nimble and was cheap. That’s about all I remember about it. It broke down a lot and was a very good example of why the English didn’t invent computers*. (Cars could be bought very cheap at this time, so many GIs were getting out early and it cost quite a bit to ship them over to the USA, if indeed they could be imported. Somewhere I got a slide of a Citroen 2CV that I shoulda bought, it already had my name on it.)

        White belt, cut off 501s and orange tennis shoes with no socks, a haircut which pushed the limits on hair length and a bushy moustache all sent the signal that I was one hip trooper.

        130th General Hospital, Nurnberg, Germany, 1972

        Oh Yeah. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/598b6e586b6af1a571a64d80c6ba9cb67f5ebedde431761d36f281acd321e0aa.jpg

  • crank_case

    My first thought was Ginetta G15, but the lights on that don’t have that odd recessed detail http://slatford.co.uk/Pictures%20of%20Cars/Ginetta/G15.jpg

    • Vairship

      Why *wouldn’t* you want to illuminate the back side of your chrome front bumper?

  • crank_case

    I’m going with Davrian (MK6?), what can I say, I’m a little imp special obsessed..


  • Desmo

    Puma 1600GT.
    Brasil Volkswagen

  • Ayreonaut

    Mazda mpv

  • Monkey10is

    Lunar Rover?

    • Rover 1

      That was designed before we took aerodynamics seriously, so no recessed headlights. 🙂

      • outback_ute

        For aerodynamics to matter you need to have air!

        • dead_elvis, inc.


          • outback_ute

            Does the moon have one of those?

        • Rover 1

          I’m glad you got the joke. 🙂

  • Mr.Roadrage

    Monteverdi High Speed 375, built between 1967 and 1970 with a Chrysler 440 V8. This front is probably on a 2+2 or convertible. If that isn’t it, I’m flummoxed.

  • Jaap

    My guess: it’s a TVR Griffith 600; 197X Ford V6

  • John

    Fiat 850 Spyder