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Land Rover Gets Storrowed

Kamil Kaluski September 27, 2016 All Things Hoon 19 Comments


Storrow Drive is a lovely, if slightly congested, road along the Charles River in Boston. It meanders like the river and has several low overpasses along it. Each and every entry onto Storrow Drive is properly marked with low clearance signs. Despite that there a numerous accidents where a tall vehicle accidentally navigates onto a road. Sometimes they stop in time and are forced to back up. Other times they don’t stop and hit an overpass. The locals call it getting “storrowed.”

The picture above shows what happens to Land Rover LR4 that is on top of a car carrier that hits a low overpass. Oops. This did not happen on Storrow Drive but it did happen near it. The point is that there are many places in Boston where one can get storrowed.



In the defense of the truck driver, this underpass is not marked well. I drive under it at least three times per week. While is narrows down the road, I never paid attention to the height.

  • Sjalabais

    What a messy intersection, with the uneven width of the road, the unclear directional setup, and low bridge. I guess the curb eats a few rims a year, too.

  • Jeff Glucker

    I almost gave a box truck a haircut years ago on Storrow…

    • Andrew Steere

      The old Toyota U-Hauls have six inches of clearance on Storrow. I had people running scared when I went for it.

  • Mister Sterling

    Looks like the road to lovely C-Town and Sommerville. I now know thanks to experience that traffic in San Francisco and New York is worse – far worse – than the Hub. But this is a reminder never to drive in Boston unless necessary.

    • Things have changed. C-town is now yuppy stroller central and it’s difficult to find a decent home under a mil.

  • Batshitbox

    Aye, ’tis near the end o’ the high season for many a Storrowing. ‘Tis when the fleets of college kids heave into port in their U-Hauls and them Ryder-trucks, from far away shores where the bridges have more than two fathoms clearance, that the wrackers ply their trade most profitably along the ragged banks o’ the Charles.

    Storrow Drive were where I wrecked me first ship, the Triumph TR7. True tale, but a yarn for another time, methinks.

    • Andrew Steere

      Ahh, yes, I ended a Merkur XR4Ti on the old temporary ramp onto 93 by the Garden…

    • Alff

      Pour us a spot of rum and tell us all about it.

    • Vairship

      Didn’t the TR7 come pre-storrowed from the factory?

  • jeepjeff

    North Carolina rather than Boston, but I’m reminded of 11foot8: http://11foot8.com/

  • Alff

    This is where the idea for the Murano chop top came from.

  • Cool_Cadillac_Cat

    When you own a motorcoach, the first thing you tend to notice, after width, is height.

    I’ve been under a few which had me concerned, even though I know I’m only about 13′ tall.

    When it looks like the immovable object is going for your head, you become very aware quite quickly.

    I’ve had to turn around only one time, and that was in my neighborhood, in Oregon. Multiple repavings of the road raised it enough so that the clearance sign was no longer valid.

    • My garage has 6’2″ clearance. That AMG G63 I reviewed yesterday was 6’4″. I almost found that out the hard way that it did not fit.

  • Scoutdude

    A couple of years ago I was heading home in the pouring rain and came upon a car carrier with an 80’s F-body front and top and it’s hatch was fully open scooping in the rain. I knew that an overpass was coming up soon so I tried to signal to the driver but he didn’t take notice. We were getting close so I sped up to gt in front of him. I then monitored my rear view mirror to see it hit and the shower of glass that it created.I was surprised that I was able to hear it several car lengths ahead. For the next few days when coming home at night you could see the shimmer of the glass that had been sprayed across the road.

  • Alff

    That’s the new Rover Landaulet. The Kardashians bought four.

  • blalor

    Well, in fairness, the MBTA does need help speeding up the GLX. I’m surprised that bridge held up to the hit!

  • I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned the delicious irony of a Todisco crane hoisting a Disco.

    Also LR4s always look better with a slight lift.