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Sampling the Shelby Mustang GT350R on the track

That legendary name.
Now it’s applied to the latest Ford Mustang, but this time it’s packing a flat-plane crank V8 that’s pushing out 526 horsepower. It’s almost more about the noise though, than it is the power… almost.

This is a glorious ode to the track-focused speed machine, and it just might be one of the greatest Ford products ever produced. We didn’t say *the* greatest… but it’s certainly on the list.

  • roguetoaster

    If you haven’t, you really, really need to hear the 350R in person from outside of the cabin. It is simply sublime, and I want one very badly.

  • Ross Ballot

    First time I saw one was at Lime Rock a few months ago. Owner treated us to a few revs, and got on the gas as he left. Hell of a car…