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2017 Audi A4 – Leading the way for the rest of the brand

When you think of the latest and the greatest from Audi, you’re drawn to the likes of the new Q7, the TT, and of course the R8. These are vehicles that have received all the new tech and, in the case of the R8, are hypnotic super machines. The real key to the Audi lineup at the moment, however, is the all-new 2017 A4.

This is the machine that’s packing all of Audi’s latest tricks and tweaks. Virtual Cockpit? Check. A revised and wonderful chassis? Check. Striking exterior lines that still hold on to that Audi styling subtlety? Check.

The main difference between the A4 and the other Audi products I’ve mentioned though, is that the purveyor of four-ringed goodness is going to sell a whole lot more A4 sedans than it will R8, TT, and Q7s… most likely combined.

The luxury customer can get the keys to the best that Audi has to offer in terms of its safety, information, and entertainment tech… and it’s all available at the near entry-level model.

That’s an enticing step that might just charm BMW and Mercedes shoppers.


[Disclaimer: Audi tossed us the keys to the 2017 A4 and included a tank of gas.]

  • Ross Ballot

    Mixed feelings on this car (having not driven one). It looks nice, but the A4 used to give off a sporty vibe…this just looks like a shrunken A6/A8. Which I guess is what Audi wants, but for me it makes it seem like it’s sacrificed any sporting intention for luxury style. It sounds like it drives well, probably sportier than it gives off…but at $51K there’s a lot of other cars I’d consider before the A4. Won’t be long before ATS-V’s are in that price range…

    • wunno sev

      there is a long history of the A4 looking like a shrunken A6/A8

    • Fred Talmadge

      I like that if I buy a new car today, 5 years from now it still looks like a new car.

  • Van_Sarockin

    It looks perfect for the Acoustical Tile Salesman of the Year. But not Burghr enough for M-B. Not sporty enough for BMW. And not techy/precise enough for Audi. Helllooooo Intro Flagship Borgward!