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Still Cruising Around The Ozarks…

LongRoofian August 11, 2016 All Things Hoon 10 Comments

IMG_4796 (2)

Yeah this olelongrooffan is still around and Still Cruising Around The Ozarks. I thought I might share with my fellow Hoons some sights seen a whiles back on one of those trips around the backroads of my home. Click on through to see some more.

IMG_4797 (2)

Yeah, Elkies rule but lets take a gander at the predecessor to the El Camino, what appears to be a 1957 Blue Oval Ranchero is in a sad state of disrepair.


Situated just beyond that Ranchero was this old Studebaker coupe.


It’s not a bullet nose but appears to be an early Commander or Champion. It is difficult for this olelongrooffan to ID it without its distinctive front bumper. One of Raymond Loewy’s designs.

IMG_4799 (2)

And who doesn’t love a C10 farm truck?

IMG_4800 (2)

I’m pretty sure that is an Edsel longroof out there in them thar weeds.


And a Task Force Fleetside FTW.


This olelongrooffan remembers seeing automobiles like this ’74 Ford out on the road back in the day.


And a Caddy ragtop with wide whites and


this distinctive hood ornament. I am certain it is not original to this ride. Can any of my fellow Hoons identify it and its origin?


And yet another Advanced Design GM product. This one will be a restomod.


And let’s include a Buick ratrod for good measure. Note the license plate in the rear window.

IMG_4808 (2)

It seems like I may have posted this humpback panel previously but can’t find it anywhere. Maybe over on that book about my face. Pretty sure this is a Dodge.

IMG_4809 (2)

And an example of lots of the architecture seen round here in the Ozarks. This olelongrooffan would love to hear some of the stories shared on that front porch.


And on the way back to my humble abode, this olelongrooffan spotted this sweet 356 to wind up the day.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2016/longrooffan