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Weekend Edition: Hot August Nights – Mopars At The A&W

Bradley Brownell August 6, 2016 Car Shows, Weekend Edition 2 Comments


This week in Reno is a massive vintage hot-rod show called “Hot August Nights” that involves nightly car shows at all of the major casinos and most of the local restaurants. Everywhere you look all week there has been vintage rods of all kinds scooting around, and Friday night I decided to finally venture out and snap some photos of them for you lovely folks. This is the first of many parts this weekend. The A&W is right around the corner from work, so that was my first stop. They were having a Mopars only night, but there were a few interlopers. I hope you enjoy.


This looked like a death-machine. But in the best possible way.



I love a good six-pack on a summer evening. IMG_8302


Meep Meep!IMG_8303

These wing-cars are just so strange looking. I can’t believe that this shape actually worked in NASCAR. I don’t think engineers in the 1970s really knew what the hell they were doing, they just tried stuff and it worked. IMG_8304

Bad dog?

Man I love patina. This Duster was just so stupidly cool. IMG_8286


Nice try.


This is what a real one looks like.





This Power Wagon was one of my favorites from the Mopar show. Very cool, and with nice patina, as well.



Who wouldn’t want an old Caddy convertible to take through the drive thru?

  • Batshitbox

    My pal and I ran into Hot August Nights when we were moving back to New England in ’99. We had no idea the event was going on, just passed through. Later on in the trip we ran into the lead-up to the Sturgis motorcycle rally. Passing through South Dakota was just swimming upstream into a river of Harley Davidsons.

    I’ll take the Power Wagon, if there aren’t any A-body Barracudas on offer. I’m done with Dusters.

  • Sjalabais

    That Caddy-in-the-drive-thru-photo needs more flags. Very cool!