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2016 Hooniverse Calendar Time!

Ray Lindenburg November 26, 2015 All Things Hoon, Featured 3 Comments


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Yep, I refer to the reveal of this coming year’s Hooniverse Calendar!  What sorcery is this you say?  You still like to make your holiday purchases at the local big box store?  Well you’re outta luck bub.  This magnificent piece is only available online.

Unless, of course, you are really talented with crayons and a ruler.  But then only the highest echelon of crayonists would be able to recreate the clash of the tartans as seen in March 2016…


Or the badassery of a Canadian Lambo, complete with Lambo doors.  Pretty sure it’s still a Lambo north of the border, bro.


So get yours today.  Like right now.


Profits go toward keeping the gerbils spinning and your humble correspondents properly lubricated with the lowest-shelf hooch available!  Buy one for yourself and 6 for your bratty nieces and nephews.  Or perhaps your next door neighbor who always borrows your tools.  A stack of these calendars may give him the hint to figure it out himself… I digress.

Buy one.




  • nanoop

    Mine’s in the queue, thanks for making this!
    Looking at 2015’s November at my working desk right now: could somebody please reveal the Mystery Cars? I’m lacking May, July, and the lhs of October (I’m not very good with US cars, I know).

  • Make sure to save your 2015 calendar to run alongside the 2026 Hooniverse edition.

  • mve

    I’m on it.