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Hooniversal Ninja Santa Claus 2015

LongRoofian November 19, 2015 All Things Hoon 12 Comments


Are any of my fellow Hoons interested in being on the receiving end of any of the cool type crap this olelongrooffan received a few Hoonimas’ ago, and as shown in the above image? Yeah, it is time for the now annual Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus.

How does it work? Well fellow Hoons you have until nightfall on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 to get your name and snail mail address along with your Hooniverse nickname (if you have one) to this olelongrooffan over at hooniversesecretsantaclaus@gmail.com. In that email include some of your interests (mine are Hot Wheels and chocolates) and this olelongrooffan will match your snail mail with a fellow Hoon and voila! just a short time later a batch of goodies such as seen above will arrive at your door via a uniformed member of the national government.

Also, for my fellow Hoons residing outside the continental United States, please include your country of origin. In an attempt to hold shipping costs to a minimum this year, I’ll try to arrange the exchanges via country. Are shipping costs the same throughout the European continent? Canada? South America? Down Under?

One other item, for ease in sorting my fellow Hoons, please include your email address in the body of the email you send my way. Thanks.

As I indicated, due to scheduling constraints in the life of The Original Hooniclaus, this olelongrooffan is filling in for him this year.

The caveat? Well, The Original Hooniclaus himself says it best:

“I have a list and I am checking it twice. I know who has been naughty and nice so if you signed up last year and didn’t follow through you will have to send two crummy gifts this year to participate. Anywho, this is fun for a bunch of people so ifn you wanna play, then play.

My fellow Hoons have until December 15, 2015 to get your crap worthless possessions prized gifts off. And as The Original Hooniclaus threatened, this olelongrooffan will publicly expose any slackers who fail to get those gifts off to their fellow Hoon. This olelongrooffan is kinda like The Grinch in that way.

Merry Hoonimas everybody!

Remember to get your snail mail off and go out the garage, look in that Hooniverse swag box and get something off post haste. Or else.

  • mve

    I’m on it. I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty proud of the gift I’ll be sending.

  • Frank T. Cat

    I mean, do any of you want broken Swedish car parts? That’s all I really have to send.

    • I don’t even care whether “broken” is modifying Swedish, car, parts, or some combination of those terms. The answer is most likely yes.

      • Frank T. Cat

        Well you better hope you get me as your Ninja Santa, then.

        • Oh, I wouldn’t want to be selfish about it. I’m sure anyone else would feel equally delighted.

  • Rick Deacon

    I’m excite.

  • Jason Hopkins

    Just sent my info. Bummed I didn’t get anything last year, but the guy I sent my gift to loved it!

  • Bryan Woody Wood

    I just want that 59-60 Chevy Speedo you have for my Parkwood

    • longrooffan

      Regifted already. Sorry.

  • dukeisduke

    I’ll have to see if I have any crap I need to get rid of. I did it a couple of years ago, and got lots of cool Valvoline swag, automotive cleaning stuff, and a book on the history of the SoCal automotive culture that I still have to read.

  • longrooffan

    Antii just disclosed over on the FB page he has not sent out his 2014 gift yet. Shame on you Sir.

    “Antti Kautonen Man, I really gotta mail my 2014 package one of these days… *hides* “

    • dukeisduke

      He could send a certain Peugeot.